(Minghui.org) I always read every Minghui Weekly carefully because fellow practitioners’ articles really inspire me, which, in turn, helps me find my gaps and shortcomings. After reading an article, I ask myself what I learned from this one, what part of me needs to be improved, and if the problem mentioned also happened to me, as well as what the Fa teaches about the attachment and how I should deal with it.

Sometimes practitioners wrote about what I had just enlightened to, so I felt that what I wanted to express had been recorded. Sometimes, I was amazed by their strong righteous thoughts; then I also felt strong. Sometimes, I was touched by practitioners’ compassion and tears rolled down my face. I was then able to eliminate different parts of my demon nature.

I would like to share my experiences to summarize my cultivation during this period. Please refer to the Fa for guidance if any of my points are improper or don't align with the Fa.

Identifying Attachments

We all know that cultivation is a process of letting go of attachments. In tribulations and conflicts, I look within and ask myself, “What heart am I demonstrating? Which concept was wrong? Why do I have this concept? How was this concept formed? What’s my intention and goal? Why do I hate it so much? Why am I so scared, and why do I worry?”

The questions I ask most are: “What do I cultivate for? Why should I let go of attachments? Why do I have attachments? And what does the Fa mean to me?”

Why do I have attachments? My understanding is that we experience all the ups and downs of life in this human world and naturally resist pain and seek happiness. When my desires for fame, profit, and sentimentality get satisfied or when I get what I want and don’t get what I don’t want, I feel happy and comfortable. My will is immersed in seeking this feeling of happiness and achieving what I want, which may be the cause of the attachment. This may also be the reason a life may drop to a lower level, and why a life can’t go back to its origin.

Why I Should Remove Attachments

Why should I let go of attachments? Real life has told me that what I want and seek reflect my will from my human side. But what I should have or shouldn’t have is not decided by my attachments, which are in turn caused by ignorance or sentimentality. This mentality is especially instilled by communist party culture that teaches atheism, evolution, etc. People just won’t give up what they have learned—as if it’s the only thing they have in life.

Simply put, an attachment has no use. Things never happen, develop, or result from the way you're attached to them. So what’s the standard? Everything is measured by Dafa's standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. Different lives meet appropriate retribution according to their actions. Nobody can escape this. If people want to change their fate, they must change their thoughts and behavior according to Dafa’s guidance.

Master told us:

“Only if one truly practices cultivation can one’s journey of life be changed.” (Zhuan Falun)

Now I actively force myself to give up attachments. If I suffer some pain or misfortune, I won’t ask why I am not happy about it. My living environment is arranged by Master. My house, car, and income are all created by the Fa for me to use. If I didn't own these things, I would never have the issue of letting them go.

I have no ability to arrange my own life, let alone another person's life. We know that the old forces interfere in our cultivation. They don’t listen to Master’s words or assimilate to Dafa. I am Master’s disciple. From the day I walked on the path of cultivation, I was no longer under the jurisdiction of the old universe or the old forces’ gods. I do not recognize any form of persecution or interference, such as sickness karma, loss of freedom, economic stress, etc., and I will clear them all out with righteous thoughts.

The Fa Grants Us Power

When I seek within the Fa for guidance and a standard to live by in this world, I find that the Fa endows me with power. With this power, all attachments affect me less. I know now that attachments are strong only because they are fueled by emotions. Demons are behind each one. With the Fa’s strength leading the way, we should seek its guidance in our tribulations.

I believe that when a life comes into being, he meets the Fa's standard at a different level. At that time, this life regards Dafa first and follows Dafa’s standard to guard its words and behavior. Thus, the Fa has the highest place in his heart, and he will be in a pure state.

After years go by, with countless reincarnations, countless sins were committed and huge amounts of karma were produced. These lives then deviate further away from the Fa until Master teaches the great law and gives lives hope that they can be saved. Master, your disciple has come back, Dafa is in my heart again, and I won’t lose it ever again. If I can get rid of all my polluted parts and only want to go back to purity, then I am qualified to call you Master.

Why let go of attachments? All my attachments stem from not putting the Fa first. Attachments reflect that I do not respect the Fa. Attachments are used by the evil to reach its goals. I can now only walk following the Fa and try my best to do my duty; only then do I feel I am not defiling Dafa.

We can always ask ourselves, “What position does Dafa take in my heart? How do I regard the Fa? Do I use it to satisfy a human heart (for example, for good health or to feel better )? Or do I really have a sacred place in my heart for Dafa?”