(Minghui.org) Ms. Mu Yongxia, a 70-year-old retired teacher from Heilongjiang Province, was arrested on March 16, 2018. She was about to take a train to visit her sister, in her 80s, who can no longer care for herself. The arrest warrant was issued 13 days later, and she was ultimately detained for three months, before being left on the verge of death outside the entrance to the detention center on July 10.

An officer from the Xizhan Police Station stopped Ms. Mu at a security checkpoint at Daqing West Station. Ms. Mu's ID card popped up as blacklisted on the officer's cell phone. She is blacklisted because of her faith in Falun Gong. The officer searched her suitcase, created a false interrogation record, and then turned her over to the Ranghulu Police Department. The officers collaborated with the Xizhan Police Station to fabricate a false interrogation report matching the one created at the station. Ms. Mu was told to sign the report, so she crossed it out and wrote “Void” and “Fabricated.”

Ms. Mu was held at the police station until midnight and then transferred to the Daqing City Detention Center. The warrant for her arrest was issued 13 days later.

Because of the stress, Ms. Mu developed symptoms of a heart problem, high blood pressure, dizziness, cramps, and pressure in the chest. She had great difficulty breathing and suffered back pain. She was taken to the clinic to get oxygen multiple times. The detention center wanted to release her for medical treatment, but the police department did not agree. The family went to various departments seeking to have her released for medical reasons, but were not successful.

Ms. Mu's gastrointestinal system suddenly malfunctioned around mid June. She suffered from nausea and could not eat or drink. She was dizzy and had negative reactions to any medication she was given. She was taken to the hospital several times but nothing helped.

By the ninth day, she still could not take in any food or drink. The court demanded her family to pay 20,000 yuan in bail in order to release her. Her family could not afford it. The detention center was afraid that she might die, so they left her outside the gate of Daqing City Detention Center on the afternoon of July 10.