(Minghui.org) With the rapid progression of the Fa rectification, many sentient beings are ready to hear the truth about Dafa. There are so many stories, although I'm only able to share a few with you.

Waiting by the Roadside

There was a pretty girl standing by the roadside near a bus stop one afternoon. She was looking at me, so I went over to her. She was extremely happy while talking to me, and treated me as if I was a beloved family member. I thought, “I never met such a pretty and enthusiastic girl who would want to talk to an old lady like me. This must not be accidental.”

I asked her if she was waiting for someone or for the bus, and she shook her head. I realized that she was waiting to hear the truth about Falun Dafa. We chatted for a long time. I gave her a detailed explanation of the persecution and the truth about Dafa and answered the questions she asked. Before parting, she quit the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Youth League and the Young Pioneers.

A Stubborn Small Retailer Eventually Accepted the Truth about Dafa

There is a marketplace in my residential community. Most of the small retailers have accepted the truth about Dafa. However, one retailer who sold bananas was heavily poisoned by the CCP lies. He would not listen to the truth, and his attitude was quite arrogant. Other practitioners said he was a stubborn and unreasonable person.

One day after the new year, I passed by the marketplace and saw this retailer. He looked thin and pallid. Master's Fa teaching came to mind:

“For whom do you busy yourself in the worldHow long will the good time last in the end timesHow long is the road aheadHow many disasters will come to your side”(“How long is the path of man's life” in Hong Yin IV)

I felt pity and thought that I shouldn't give up on him, even though he refused to listen to the truth about Dafa, and held bad thoughts and views about Dafa. I asked Master Li to strengthen me in my truth-clarification efforts. I sent forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate any interfering evil factors behind him at the same time.

I approached him, talked about his appearance, and then moved on to the truth about Dafa. Instead of chastising me, he apologized for his wrong attitude when seeing Dafa practitioners in the past, and then quit the Young Pioneers.

From this experience I realized that sending righteous thoughts will eliminate the evil's control and that practitioners must constantly improve in cultivation, They must eliminate human attachments and prejudices for effective truth-clarification.

Entire Family Quits the CCP

When I passed a shopping plaza I noticed a tall, elderly man walking back and forth. I thought that he might be a high-level official. I hesitated and wondered if he would let me talk to him about quitting the CCP?

A thought entered my mind, “Tell every person the truth about Dafa. This person is waiting to hear the truth.” I stood up in amazement and quickly understood that Master was encouraging me. This opportunity was arranged by Master. I walked over to him and started chatting.

Surprisingly, this man didn't have the attitude of a government official. He said that he was 86 years old and was the director of a government department before retiring. He told me: “I know the truth about Falun Dafa. You don't need to say anymore. I know the true nature of the CCP. My wife and I, as well as our four children, are all CCP members. Today, I request that you help me, as well as my family, quit the CCP.”

I gave each of them a nickname under which they quit the CCP, and told him to get each person's agreement – otherwise it won't be valid.

A Janitor Asked for Truth Materials

A janitor was leaning against an iron fence at the roadside and greeted me. I instantly realized that this was arranged by Master and he was supposed to hear the truth about Dafa.

I clarified the truth to him, and he agreed to quit the CCP. As I was about to leave, he said: “Can you please give me some materials. I'll read them after work and have my wife and children read them to learn the truth.”

I said: “I'm sorry, but I don't have any left. I'll give you one next time.” He was very disappointed, which made me embarrassed. He asked again: “Check in your pocket, perhaps you can find one.” I unzipped my side pocket. Surprisingly, there was one brochure. He was extremely happy and put it in his pocket.

From this story, I enlightened that Master sees very clearly who has understood the truth and has made an arrangement for everyone. It is up to us as to how to do what Master has asked us to do. It is Master who saves people. We help Master rectify the Fa and complete our cultivation through truth clarification.

Cry for Help in a Dream

Before I retired, I had a good friend who worked in the same office. Her husband also worked there. He was a CCP member and part of the management team.

I started practicing Dafa in 1996. Her husband then stopped her from contacting me. A few days ago in a dream, her husband came up to me and said quickly, “Don't sleep. Get up and tell someone the truth about Dafa!” When I asked whom, he said: “Our family of four. My son and daughter-in-law can use nicknames.” I gave them nicknames, and he left feeling satisfied.

The next day, the dream still lingered in my mind. I wondered if my dream was based on reality. I found my friend's phone number, called her and we arranged a meeting.

The next morning, she called and said that she found a truth-clarification brochure in their hallway and wanted to learn more about suing Jiang Zemin (the former CCP head), what “making the three withdrawals to quit the CCP to keep safe” was about, and how to do it. I briefly answered her questions and promised to make the three withdrawals for her. A day later, she called again to check on it and asked me to do it as soon as possible.

The evil interference that controls and stops people from learning the truth about Dafa has lessened. Therefore, I hope that Dafa practitioners will let go of human attachments and cherish the opportunity to bring Dafa to sentient beings arranged by Master. Don't fail to meet the expectation that Master has of us!