(Minghui.org) My husband was involved in usury investments for many years, while I am employed in the medical field. I practice Falun Dafa. My family, daughter, husband, and I have all benefited from the blessings of Dafa.

Facing Calamity

My husband one day announced that more than 20 million yuan of our family’s funds were embezzled by his business partners, saddling us with several million yuan in debts. At the beginning, I did not feel that this had anything to do with me, as I was not involved in my husband's affairs. I felt that this was retribution for my husband being against my cultivating in Dafa.

Then I realized I had no choice but to intervene; this sudden debt also involved my own interests. Looking back, I now understand that some of my thoughts were not in line with the Fa principles.

Debtors started coming to my home for debt collection and filed lawsuits; we faced serious tribulations! My husband was depressed and had to be treated at a mental hospital. I then came down with rheumatoid arthritis and my hands and feet were swollen. I finally began to understand that I was a cultivator and had to do things based on the Fa.

I persuaded my husband not to be too hard on himself and not do anything that would be harmful, such as taking his own life. I also talked to him about his inappropriate attitude towards Dafa. He was against my communicating with fellow practitioners and said something disrespectful toward Dafa. I also clarified the truth about the persecution to him. He finally understood and wrote a solemn declaration that all he had said and done against Dafa was null and void. He also agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Resolving Issues as a Cultivator

I asked Master to give me wisdom so we could resolve this calamity. There were many issues to deal with. My husband even suggested a pretend divorce to keep my salary. But, since I follow the Falun Dafa principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” I knew that this was out of the question.

During court proceedings, we were told that “the debts of both spouses must be signed by both spouses; otherwise the other spouse is not legally responsible for the debt. Therefore, I was judged to be free from legal liabilities.

One of the creditors threatened us and did not accept anything we tried to give as recompense. He even used a triad –a transnational criminal organization – to pressure us. But, in the end, we resolved the issue with this particular debtor.

Then all the other creditors came to demand what was due them. Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Dafa) gave us practitioners the wisdom to resolve conflicts amicably. When all was resolved, I calmed down and thought about everything I had just experienced.

Understanding the Fa Standards

I discussed the tribulation with fellow practitioners and found that I did not study the Fa with my heart and did not comprehend what I had studied. I suddenly understood more and more of the Fa standards.

Master said in Zhuan Falun,

“The matter called virtue is something we get through suffering, going through hard times, or by doing good things for people.”(Zhuan Falun)

Master's teachings clearly tell us that people’s wealth is exchanged with de, meaning that people’s wealth comes from suffering, losing out on self-interest, and doing good things. This is the right way to obtain wealth. Otherwise, wealth obtained the wrong way is not a blessing; it becomes a karmic debt.

Although my husband's investment business was of a usury nature, it was hard work. The means and intentions behind obtaining the profits were wrong. The process involved gambling, profiteering, and deception. Could the money obtained this way be a blessing?

Ordinary people may think that it is right and proper, but I am a cultivator and cultivation is about paying off debts and eliminating karma. Although I was not involved in my husband’s business, we were a family, and I shared the interests too. I did not tell right from wrong, but, instead, dealt with the matter through acquiescence and consent.

Master said,

“So he gave the kid a dollar to play. The kid won second prize right on the spot, and got a deluxe kid’s bike. The kid was so excited. But then suddenly, "Bing!"—a light went off in the dad’s head. "I’m a practitioner, how could I ask for something like this? Now that I’ve gotten this for nothing, how much virtue will I have to give back in return?” (Zhuan Falun)

It took this calamity for me to understand Master's teaching. I used to feel that the money was not obtained by stealing or robbing. Both parties agreed. How could it be ill-gotten wealth? I was a little puzzled but understand it now. Losing a dollar to get a bicycle contains elements of gambling. Sudden huge profits and the mentality of profiting at the expense of another is not earned through hard work.

Taking the Right Path

My cultivation path was arranged by Master. What was lost was bad. It was also Master who arranged for me to repay my debts, eliminate my karma, and improve my xinxing. As long as I can understand things based on the Fa, I can improve and change karma into virtue (de).

After this experience, My physical illnesses also disappeared. My hands were no longer swollen, I could walk normally and was no longer in pain.

This sharing is an opportunity to caution some practitioners about getting into financial management related to direct sales, pyramid schemes, usurious loans, and high returns.

Why do we practice in ordinary society? It is because there are all kinds of temptations. We can only step out of the ordinary realm with the guidance of Master and Dafa. To understand the relationship between gains and losses, cultivators have to take the right path.