(Minghui.org) I recently read a report on the Minghui website that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) installed cameras everywhere in the Xinjiang autonomous region for monitoring Falun Gong practitioners. This told me how serious the persecution is in that region.

I then started adding a thought whenever I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that are trying to destroy sentient beings in Xinjiang, I asked Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts and felt the energy in my mind was really strong afterwards.

I shared my experience with other practitioners at the local Fa study group to get more people involved in this activity.

Deny the Use of Cameras to Monitor Practitioners

Since the persecution started in 1999, the CCP has used all kinds of underhanded tactics to persecutes practitioners, such as installing cameras, claiming that they are meant to prevent crime, terrorism, and guarding against theft. Instead, they are used to monitor Falun Dafa practitioners' movements.

The CCP claimed that they are protecting the public against ticket touts to force people to use their real names to purchase train tickets, but their intention is to restrict practitioners ability to travel, especially to prevent them from going to the Appeals Office in Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa.

They force people to use their real names to buy SIM cards, saying that it prevents communication fraud. In fact, they are trying to prevent practitioners from using cell phones to contact people and talk to them about the persecution of Falun Dafa.

People have become numb to the CCP's shenanigans. Practitioners have realized that the CCP's objectives creates a lot of inconvenience in their daily lives, and brought a lot of obstacles to clarifying the facts and saving people.

We should negate anything used by the CCP to monitor Falun Dafa practitioners. At the same time, we should send forth righteous thoughts to destroy and disintegrate all the old force elements in other dimensions.

Cameras have been installed all over the country in China, and some areas have installed face recognition systems. One practitioner said to me: “I communicate with the cameras with my righteous thoughts when I face them and tell them not to get involved in persecuting practitioners.”

Eliminating Surveillance Systems with Righteous Thoughts

Two months ago, our local government started cutting down trees on every street. We did not know, but found out that they installed lots of high-resolution face recognition cameras. They were afraid that the trees would block the cameras' view. However, they suddenly stopped cutting down the trees.

A practitioner told us that when she learned the reason why the trees were cut down she sent strong righteous thoughts to stop such activity. Two days later, they stopped cutting down the trees. The trees in other streets were protected from being cut down.

Nowadays, the government forces people to install an alarm immobilizer on their cars. Traffic police stand on the roadside checking each passing car whether they have an immobilizer installed or not. If they lack an immobilizer their cars are impounded. Practitioners realized that this was a way for the CCP to track practitioners movements. However, this activity was suddenly stopped.

I heard from a local practitioner that whenever he saw the traffic police he sent righteous thoughts, and he did not get checked.

Once he started to sent righteous thoughts, he no longer saw any traffic police checking cars, although some boards and signs were not removed.

When our minds are on the Fa, Master will eliminate problems for us. One practitioner's righteous thoughts has such a strong effect. If more practitioners send strong righteous thoughts the evil could be eliminated completely.

The time that Master has extended for us is the time for saving more sentient beings, sending strong righteous thoughts and clearing all interference in other dimensions.