(Minghui.org) In a dream I was rushing forward on a road. It was time to send forth righteous thoughts, but I thought to myself that I would simply do it later. All of a sudden everything in that world stopped, time stopped. Only I could move.

Almost everything in that world was not rectified, because I did not send righteous thoughts. Nothing would exist any longer – it was just like dirt and smoke that dispersed and disappeared. Not even a tiny piece of dust was left. Then, Master appeared and looked at me with a solemn face, but without saying a word.

Devastating Loss

Many practitioners do not pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts because they could not feel the effect of sending forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes, the effect would not be very obvious in this dimension but conversely are in layers and layers of other dimensions that we are responsible for.

The massive power of the Fa-rectification is advancing through layers and layers of spaces. If we did not send forth righteous thoughts at the appointed time, the power not emanating into our space would be devastating for the countless lives in that world.

It is important to know that after layers and layers of advancement by the Fa forces, when reaching earth, everything will reach its end.

How many lives can we bring back? Those who lived within those worlds were sentient beings we promised to save, so Master gave us righteous thoughts. Every living being in those worlds, had a long and magnificent history during their life. During the Fa rectification, their only hope is Dafa disciples. Our casual laziness would cause irreversible loss in our dimensions.

Not Doubting the Master

In Buddhist literature, when Buddha Milarepa was cultivating, his master asked him to build houses, then tear them down and rebuild them over and over again. He just did as asked and never doubted his master.

What our Master asked us to do is not meaningless. However, we often fail to do well what is asked of us.

Among the three things that Dafa disciples are required to do, the time requirement for sending forth righteous thoughts is the least, but it is also the most likely to be ignored. However as one of the three things, it is one part of the total obligation when it comes to importance.

Even though we can not see the effect of sending righteous thoughts, we can still understand it when reasoning it out. If we will do it only after we see it, wouldn't we be the same as those who consider seeing, before believing in something, a condition for cultivation? “Enlightening comes before seeing” (“Why One Cannot See from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Sending forth righteous thought 4 times a day, this means 1,460 times a year. Thus, it comes to less than 30,000 times over the past 20 years – the time of the Fa rectification.

In the history of the universe, this is the only and most glorious battle on this level between good and evil. Opportunities are numbered and time will pass in the blink of an eye. Are we missing it?

When reminiscing and reviewing all these historical moments sometimes in the future, one may find we were absent. The position which should have been filled by one of us was empty, so the evil power that should have been eliminated survived and continued to harm other practitioners and other sentient beings.

When a soldier is always absent from battle, or a teacher is always absent from class, this person lacks qualification for the task – what will happen to him or her?