Military Officers Who Experienced Great Health Benefits from Falun Gong (Part 3)

“It's just a book. How could it change me?” But before Mr. Chui even finished reading Zhuan Falun, he realized how wrong he was. He understood that all of one's tribulations come from wrongdoings. He also realized why, although he was still young, he was tortured by so many health problems. “I used to think that making money was the most important thing, but now I understand that a high moral standard is what is fundamental.”

“Code of Revelation” Moves Audience in New York Screening

The award-winning film is based on the testimony of a police officer in China who witnessed the harvesting of organs from a living Falun Gong practitioner. An audience member said after the screening, “It was extremely touching and honest. My hope is that all the effort and the work that went into it elevate the profile internationally of the persecution that’s going on in China.”

Toronto: Demonstrating Falun Gong Exercises at a Cultural Festival

Falun Gong practitioners in Toronto were invited to take part in a multicultural dance festival for Turkish Sovereignty and Children's Day. Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises on the event stage and at their booth. One woman was surprised that her young children took to the exercises. She said, “I didn't expect my restless children would be able to do meditation for so long! They really enjoyed it and don't want to leave!”

Over 100 Doctors at Urological Association of Asia Congress Sign Petition to Oppose CCP's Organ Harvesting

Echoing the sentiments of other physicians at the conference, one doctor interviewed said, “I'm opposed to the unethical seizing of organs for transplants. No matter what country we live in, no one should harm another for his own survival.”

Additional Information on Ms. Chen Ruiqin's Death

More details have emerged on the tragic death of Ms. Chen Ruiqin at the hands of the Chinese police.

Asking Myself – Am I Truly a Cultivator?

A young practitioner shares his insights from looking at himself seriously and making a solemn decision on his life's path.

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