(Minghui.org) I was released from prison on the night of Chinese New Year's Eve. When I went to my parents’ house on Chinese New Year’s Day, my 85-year-old father said with tears in his eyes, “I thought I would never see you again.” I comforted him. There were over 20 family members in the house, including my four siblings and many nieces and nephews.

“Sister, please do not practice Falun Gong any more,” my older brother said. “You are lucky that you have not been killed by the minions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Don’t you remember that our mother died because of the Cultural Revolution?”

I responded, “Brother, I will never give up. When I was incarcerated in a prison, there were monitors everywhere, but I still continued to study the Fa.” My brother said, “Please make sure you stay safe then.”

The seventh day into the New Year, my husband broke the news to me that my workplace had fired me. I said, “Fine, then they wouldn’t go after me anymore.” I didn’t realize that it was my own attachment of fear that caused me to lose my job. The old forces took advantage of my loophole.

The next day, my niece called to invite me to Beijing to get a job, but she asked me to stop practicing Falun Gong. I was not happy and developed the competitive mindset and jealousy. I was not being friendly and said, “I would rather become a homeless beggar than go to work there.” I hung up the phone.

Protected by Workplace

On the 19th day of the Chinese New Year, several days after I started working out of town, my husband said, “The folks at the security division thought it would be good for you to go back to work for the factory since you have the skills and you also know the business. You should give it some thought as people in the factory have been treating you well.” I realized that my husband’s words were not incidental. It was a hint from Master.

Indeed, many people in the factory have been protecting me since July 20, 1999. Early 2001, one day, the Section Chief of the Security Section said publicly that if I did not write a guaranteed statement, he would send me to a detention center in the afternoon that day. He intentionally gave me time to leave during lunch hours.

Staff from the 610 Office and Police Department came to arrest me in 2004. Xiao Jing said to me quietly, “Leave now. Four people came to arrest you and it looks like there might be more outside.” Later, the deputy section chief and Xiao helped me get away. After they left, the director said loudly to everybody, “They didn’t find her. She is not a prisoner. Why would they arrest and persecute such a good employee?”

When I was arrested in 2005 on my way to work, everybody knew that Falun Dafa was good and supported me. I asked myself, “What have I done for these people?” I only talked to people in my group about withdrawing from the CCP and never talked to people in other groups.

Master said,

“For instance, in our ordinary human society, after birth one belongs to a certain family, a certain school, and upon growing up a certain workplace; various contacts in society are made through a person’s job. That is, the layout of the entire society has been planned this way.” (Zhuan Falun)

There are over a million people in my city. The factory I work for is a mid-sized company with 3,000 employees. However, there are only one or two Dafa practitioners working there. If my own attachments stop me from clarifying the truth about Dafa, I would have caused a huge loss for Dafa. I immediately told my husband that I would go back to the factory.

Returning to My Workplace

I went back to work the next day. When I arrived, I knew Master was strengthening me. Everybody welcomed me, especially Xiao Jing. She asked if I missed her. She had kept all my Dafa books and CDs. She also had stored all my tool boxes. I immediately clarified the truth to her and asked her to withdraw from the CCP. She agreed and said, “I trust you.”

I knew it was Master encouraging me and helping me find my true self. I realized that I need to treasure the time I had with everybody. When someone visited me, I talked to them about Dafa and asked them to withdraw from the CCP. After a while, the management knew about this, especially a newer director who did not support Dafa. Just then, a group of new employees were brought into the factory. Seven young people were assigned to my group.

Yan Zi, a young lady told me that the new director asked not to assign any of the new employees to me. I smiled and thought in my mind that it was not up to him. However, this was a little upsetting. I immediately found many attachments, such as jealousy, attachment to fame, and so on. I tried to eliminate these attachments and completely negate the old forces arrangements.

In my group, there were several hundred workers. Every day, we started the machines at the same time. Providing the same results, I always could turn off my machine one hour earlier than everybody else. So, these new employees always came to chat with me and ask questions. I always patiently answered them. I was not in a hurry to clarify the truth. I wanted to give them an opportunity to get to know me. When their probation period was over, none of them was able to work independently. My supervisor assigned them to me. So all seven took turns to learn from me. All of them listened to the truth and withdrew from the CCP and its associated organizations. Now they can work independently.

I also used different opportunities to clarify the truth to people in other groups. There was one person who went to another city to work. I thought I missed him. However, he came back to work for the factory a year later and was assigned to my group. I told him, “After you left, I kept blaming myself for not telling you something important.” He asked, “What was that?” I told him about Dafa and the persecution. He agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

Protected by Co-workers

A practitioner was arrested in June 2008. I tried to notify the local practitioners that police were trying to arrest more practitioners. That day, after work, it seemed to be an accident that I locked my home keys in my tool box. So I went to a practitioner’s house directly. It turned out that due to phones being tapped, two more practitioners were arrested. Everybody was sending forth righteous thoughts. I developed the attachment of fear and stayed at my brother’s home for a night.

Prior to going to work the next day, I begged Master, “Master, in the past year, there were several hundred people who learned the truth and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. If I don’t go to work, it would impact them.” So I went to work.

As soon as I got there, a supervisor told me that staff from the 610 Office and police department came to look for me, claiming that I was planning to go to Beijing to appeal against the persecution. I said, “They are making up excuses to arrest Dafa practitioners.” The supervisor said, “I understand. From now on, you don’t have to stay in one shift. As long as you finish your assignment, you can switch your shift as you wish.”

All workers in other shifts helped me. The other supervisors all treated me well and they were all blessed. Some were promoted.

Helping People Understand Dafa

During the Olympics, police came to my house three times looking for me. I did not go back home until the Olympics were over. During that period of time, I went to the countryside to talk to people about Dafa with other practitioners.

Once, we went a lady’s house. She did not agree to withdraw from the CCP even after we clarified the truth to her. When we left, I felt very sad. She said, “It was not easy for you to come all the way here.” I said, “It is so regrettable that we did not help you withdraw from the CCP.” She looked at me and said, “Alright, I will quit the CCP.” I almost cried. She said, “I know you are all kind-hearted people and you did this for my sake. Thank you. Come back and visit me again.” I said, “We will.”

Another time, we approached a family that was harvesting corn. We told them the truth and they agreed to withdraw from the CCP. When we left, they offered us some corn. We thanked them, but did not take any. The man of the house insisted to give us some.

Sometimes, we also met with those who did not agree at the beginning. We went to a house full of people. Neighbors were there too. When we brought up Falun Gong. They said, "You should not practice Falun Gong any more. We heard a doctor’s wife who practices Falun Gong doesn’t do any housework. She just reads her books every day.” I said, “It is not the case. Just use me as an example. In order to support my child, a college student, I still work. I also try to work part time to make some extra money to support my family.” Later everybody understood the truth and agreed to quit the CCP.

We met all kinds of people in the countryside. One day, when we went to a house, a young man with a cell phone in his hand was staring at me. I hesitated to go in. He asked, “Aren’t you the people who were distributing CDs earlier? I said, “Yes.” He said, “Come on in. These CDs are great. I was just looking for you.” His wife was inside the house. The couple took a CD from us and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. After we left, I told fellow practitioners about my attachment of fear and self-protection.

Police came to knock on my door one day in August 2015. I saw a police car outside my house and remembered that Wen, a practitioner, was on her way to my house. I called her and asked her not to come. She said, “Yes, I saw two police cars, one big and one small.” But she was still coming and said we would still do what we planned to do. With her strong righteous thoughts, I also developed strong righteous thoughts. We were helping practitioners write statements to sue Jiang Zemin at that time. It was Master’s arrangements and fellow practitioners’ selflessness that helped me pass through that difficult period of time.