(Minghui.org) I was at a turning point in my life 18 years ago. I was busy preparing for my college entrance examination when my parents were arrested and taken to a local detention center for practicing Falun Dafa. I had to be strong to face everything.

A Kindhearted Teacher

When my parents were detained, students were notified that water would be provided to each class, but at a cost of 20 yuan. I asked the teacher if I needed to pay if I did not drink the water. He looked at me and said it would be alright not to pay, and I still could drink the water. He then asked me what difficulty I was facing. I was moved and told him what had happened at home.

“My parents are in a detention center,” I said, “because they practice Falun Dafa. I do not know when they will come home. I need to stretch the money as far as possible.” I was not sure how he would react, as there were teachers who did not know the truth about of Falun Dafa and who slandered Dafa in class.

He sighed, took 50 yuan out of his pocket, and put it into my hand. He told me that he knew what was going on since his mother also practiced Dafa. He wanted me to take good care of myself. I wanted to return the money, but he insisted that I keep it. I will never forget his kindness.

Preparing for the College Entrance Examination

My goal was to enter the Art Institute, a school that demanded adherence to a high standard in arts and academics. This was challenging.

My teacher advised me to attend a teacher's training college. But, I wanted to try the art school. As part of the entrance examination, the prospective student had to execute a painting of a living room. I only had about two weeks to prepare something that I had not done before.

I wondered how to design it, what colors to use, and how to do it accurately and cleanly. I suddenly thought that it should be of transparent colors, which would be mixed with water colors. It would be very difficult to use transparent colors. I wondered where this idea came from, but decided to give it a try. I decided to use the color to paint the tile although I realized that the color was very difficult to tweak.

Then, just out of the blue, three color mixtures appeared in my mind. I saw an elegant light beige color. I worked on the color scheme daily from morning to night. I must have painted over a 100 of such color arrangements. Before I stopped my efforts, I could produce the best result in the shortest time.

The College Entrance Examination

On the day of the exam, most parents accompanied their children to show support. I came alone, but I was not sad. I knew I could do it myself. My mind was particularly clear that day.

During the examination I completed the painting within 40 minutes, and felt most satisfied with it. Several exam supervisors gathered around me, asked which school I came from, and seemed very impressed with my painting. Other students were still busy working on their pieces.

In a dream one night, I saw a robe only worn by a champion in ancient times. I knew I'd passed!

When the results were announced I could hardly believe it – I did so well as if I knew all the answers! I knew it was not by chance, I knew who helped me!

Practitioners' Children Are Blessed

After the exam, I was notified to come visit my parents. They had been held in detention for over six months. I am their only child. Facing difficulties and struggling all by myself, I felt vulnerable and lonely at times.

I was very calm when I saw my parents. I told them that I did very well on my college entrance exam. When it was time for me to leave, tears covered my face. My mother knew that I missed them. I said, “I do miss you, but I want you to know that I am very proud of you!” My mother's face was also covered with tears, as her baby girl was growing up!

My parents returned home when it was time for me to start college. The policeman who brought them home said, “Your daughter made it into an excellent college while you two were in a detention center. Wow, I bet you are very proud of her.” My mother replied, “Yes, children in Falun Dafa practitioners' homes are blessed!”

During the days when my parents were not around, it was Master who safeguarded me and bestowed blessings on me!

(Submission to “Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day” 2018 on the Minghui website)