(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner began practicing Dafa after the persecution began. One night after our group study, he told us that he was planning to go to the wedding of a friend’s son. He wanted to prepare some Dafa truth-clarification materials for his friend.

The next night he showed us what he had prepared and loaded onto an SD card. It contained a lot of information. He planned to carry it in his cellphone. I asked him how he was going to travel.

He told me that he would go by train. I knew that security checks are made before boarding the train and reminded him to encrypt the card. He did not listen to me patiently and instead, coldly told me that it was not my business.

After I got home, I felt uneasy about his reaction. I did not understand why he wasn't paying attention to safety since we'd shared a lot at our study group about cellphone safety issues. I thought to myself that I did my part, and if he didn't want to listen, that was his problem.

Master's words immediately popped into my mind. “The next person's things are your things.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference”) I saw my impure heart: I was not being responsible for his safety.

Later, I also remembered something that the practitioner had shared with me. He once happened to stop in at a large trade fair. When he went through the security gate, he heard two beeping sounds. The security guard looked at him but did not say anything. After he went in, he noticed that a security guard was tailing him. He confirmed it after he purposely made a few stops at some booths. He did not do anything more and left.

It happened to him again when he went to his bank. A bank teller paid special attention to him and called his supervisor over. They did an extended check on him. These incidents led him to believe that his ID was on a blacklist.

These two incidents made me feel all the more nervous about his safety. I realized that I must be responsible to him. I immediately went to his home and reminded him of those incidents. I talked to him sincerely and asked him to pay attention to safety. He agreed.

We shared more on this topic. If we don't have any loopholes on safety, the evil would not have the opportunity to use ordinary people to commit bad deeds against Dafa. That would be a reflection of our compassion. Dafa materials would be successfully given to people and save them. If we are lacking in this regard and treat it carelessly with the attitude learned from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture, we would be like those people that Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun who hold the book Zhuan Falun and declare that are not being afraid of being hit by a car while walking in the street. Nor should we use the attachment of fear as an excuse to ignore basic safety protocols.

My fellow practitioner saw my sincerity and realized that he should cultivate better on this matter. I helped him by adding some safety features to protect his truth-clarification materials.

I enlightened that when we share with a sincere and selfless heart with each other, the other party will feel it and the result will be good. Through helping this practitioner, I solidly cultivated myself and got rid of the attachments of complaining, a cold attitude, and shunning responsibility. Instead, I grew more sincere, patient, and compassionate.

This practitioner was indeed stopped by the security guards at the train station. His cellphone was examined carefully, but nothing bad happened and he arrived safely at his destination. He gave the materials to his friend and helped him to quit the CCP. His friend was grateful for this gift.

More Sharing on Safety

Over the past years, some practitioners were stopped when they went through security checks. Some were found in possession of Dafa materials; some of their cellphones were found to contain Dafa materials; some were arrested and their homes ransacked. When we run into this situation, we should first be aware that having Dafa materials is indeed legal. Then we should clarify the truth to the perpetrators.

Some practitioners did not pay enough attention to safety even though they knew that they were on the CCP's blacklist. They thought that the persecution was less severe now.

Master had told us,

“I've said before that the evil won't stop persecuting even right up until the very end. Even if it's going to end tomorrow, today that evil will still do evil just the same.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

We should never, under any circumstance, take the matter of security lightly. Some practitioners, including many elderly practitioners, do not have basic security knowledge about cell phones. Most cell phones now have an Android operating system and the Minghui website has published several articles about cell phone safety.

Young practitioners with a technical background should learn the technology and help other practitioners with safety features. We should not treat security as extra work or something hard to do. Even just using the basic Android zipping software with password protection would be a big help.

Firmly negating the old forces with righteous thoughts is the foundation against the persecution and the best way to do the three things well. Ample righteous thoughts and the wisdom from the Fa will help break through the persecution.

One practitioner from the countryside was aware that she was on the CCP's backlist. Once, she carried 46 Dafa books and some videos and took the train to deliver them to a new practitioner. She used a temporary cellphone. She recited the Fa all the way and arrived safely. The new practitioner thanked her very much and was determined to cultivate diligently.

Master said,

“Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy—this is establishing the mighty virtue of an Enlightened Being.” (Essentials for Further Advancement II, “Rationality”)

We should remember Master's teaching and do things accordingly, so as to walk our cultivation path righteously, avoid fewer losses or better yet have no losses, save as many people as possible and fulfill our vows.