On the Issue of How to Define Falun Dafa in Ordinary Human Society

No religion calls itself a religion during the early days when their masters are imparting the teachings, yet in the form of ordinary human society, they are all classified as religions. Therefore, in human society, in order to comply with everyday people’s laws, you may register as a religion and recognize everyday people’s definition that you are a religious organization.

(Team Blue translation)

On Falun Dafa’s Classification in the Ordinary World

No religion was ever described as being a “religion” by its teacher when he was first imparting it, but in every case came to be classified as such by the rest of society. So it is fine to accept people’s designation of us as a religious organization and to register it as such, so as to adhere to society’s legal norms.

(Team Yellow translation)

London: Falun Gong Rally and March in Memory of Peaceful Protest 19 Years Ago

London Falun Gong practitioners and supporters commemorate the historic appeal of over 10,000 practitioners in Beijing in 1999.

Canada: Commemorating the April 25th Peaceful Appeal

Falun Gong practitioners in Vancouver and Montreal hold activities to commemorate the 19th anniversary of a large-scale peaceful protest in Beijing.

Ottawa, Canada: Falun Dafa Highlighted at Mind and Body Health Exhibition

The "Healthy Brain and Body Show" took place in Ottawa on April 21-22. Falun Dafa drew special attention and many spectators said they felt a strong energy field during the group exercise practice.

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