(Minghui.org) I suffered from a myriad of illnesses from 1995-1997, including cholecystitis, heart disease, antral gastritis, colitis, appendicitis, and neurasthenia. Despite undergoing extensive treatment, many of my illnesses remained incurable.

A doctor friend gently advised me during my hospitalization, “Your heart disease is severe. Take care of your health and never try to get pregnant!” I had been married for two years and my husband and I had been thinking of starting a family. To emphasize her point, my friend told me that she had recently treated a patient who shared a heart condition similar to mine. That patient had died of a heart attack soon after being discharged. I was devastated after hearing her advice.

The endless pain and discomfort from my various illnesses left me unable to sleep well at night, and l soon fell into a deep depression, convinced that I was the most unlucky person in the world. At that point, I made a vow. As long as someone could succeed in curing my illness, I would willingly follow his bidding, even if it meant doing the most menial of tasks like sweeping the streets!

Obtaining Dafa While in the Depths of Despair

I happened to run into a recently retired colleague in the spring of 1997. On seeing my frail and sickly physique, she introduced me to Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong). According to her, this practice taught people to cultivate their hearts and nature and to become truly good people. Practitioners who work hard to become good people can be cured of their illnesses. My colleague then invited me to her home to watch an introductory Falun Dafa video.

Having been taught the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s doctrine of atheism since I was young, her advice sounded laughable. Cured only by being a good person? What was the connection? These were totally unrelated! However, I found it hard to turn down my colleague’s good intentions and reluctantly went to her home that evening, accompanied by my husband. We sat down to watch the video and I was soon left in awe at Master Li's (the founder of Falun Dafa) soothing and beautiful demonstration of the exercise movements. I felt an indescribable feeling of happiness within my heart, while my husband saw a number of small Buddhas floating up and down from the screen while sitting in the meditation position. Atheist as I was, I knew my husband was not the kind of person to deceive me. My own feelings further convinced me that this practice was unusual. Afterward, my colleagues presented me with a copy of Zhuan Falun and advised me to read it in its entirety.

I finished reading the entire book in one sitting and felt like a different person. The teachings within were so amazing that it completely changed my outlook on life. Practitioners were asked to search within on encountering troubles for personal failings. When doing things, one had to think of others first.

The book allowed me to see my own deficiencies. I used to forcibly insist until I got my own way. Even during quarrels with my husband, I would never admit defeat. This behavior lay in exact contradiction with the principles of Dafa. I was deeply ashamed and vowed to work harder at becoming a better person.

Miraculous Occurrences

Within two weeks after picking up Dafa cultivation practice, my illnesses vanished without a trace. A healthy, cheerful, considerate new person replaced the old me.

My colleagues were so impressed that nearly ten of them soon started learning Falun Dafa from me. My parents were rendered speechless with happiness at my recovery, and my father was so impressed that he too began practicing Falun Dafa. Even more gratifying was my unexpected pregnancy the following year. My baby boy has since grown into a strapping young man.

Preparing for Exams

My son had just turned one month old when I realized that my self-study course exams were coming up. Because my child needed my care, coupled with my inability to travel to the likely distant exam venue, I had almost decided to forfeit this round. However a week before the exams, a voice in my dream informed me that the exams would be held locally. Although I received news soon after that the tests were to be held nearby, I was dumbfounded. How was it possible to review all my course materials within three days?

At this juncture, a compassionate voice spoke in my mind, “Master Li (the founder) will help you.” I quickly expressed my gratitude.

I spent the next three and a half days studying diligently without sleep. Despite not sleeping a wink, I did not suffer from drowsiness and was able to concentrate and review my three subjects with ease. During the exam, I discovered that most of the questions set in the test papers had been covered during my intensive review. As a result, I passed all my exams with flying colors.

Eliminating My Attachment to Gluttony

After I was cured, my appetite improved to the point where I began to greedily overeat. I was unable to control my compulsions and ate whatever I laid eyes on, no matter if I was feeling full or not. My weight soon ballooned and I became obese. In a message during my meditation, I was advised to eat only 50 percent of my daily intake in order to lose weight. I managed to do it for a few days, but soon relapsed and resumed eating what I usually did.

Not long after, my husband went on a business trip. On the day he left a sudden thought flashed through my mind, “Don’t eat for the next three days as you will be supplied with the energy you need.”

At the same time, I was shown a picture of a greedy fat woman wearing a black vest. Only then did I realize that gluttony was also an attachment that had to be eliminated.

I was determined to completely eliminate this attachment to gluttony. Over the following six days, I felt neither hungry nor thirsty despite not eating or drinking. I continued my daily routine with normal stamina and energy levels. My weight successfully dropped and my voracious appetite became normal.

Eliminating My Attachment to Lust

After cultivating in Dafa, I realized my strong attachment to lust. However, my determination to eliminate this attachment was weak. On encountering handsome men, I would find myself trying to catch a few more glimpses.

I then encountered the following in my sleep. A handsome man approached me and dropped discreet hints for me to follow him to a certain place. Dazzled by his good looks, I blindly followed him into a remote house. Suddenly, the man turned onto me with a fierce look and abruptly changed into a large, evil looking fox. With his long red tongue and sharp claws, the fox reached out to pounce on me. The fright shocked me awake. From then onwards, my attachment to lust vanished.

In order to awaken us, our great compassionate Master has spared no effort and power. My experiences have encouraged me to continue diligently on the path of cultivation and spread the truth of Dafa to more people.