(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa when I was young but there was a period of time when I slacked off. I resumed my cultivation shortly after I was diagnosed with hepatitis and cholecystitis, and would like to share my cultivation experience.

Starting to Practice

When I was young, I didn't like to go home because my parents often quarreled and ours wasn't a happy home. Because of the constant fighting, my mom's health declined.

One day, my maternal grandmother came to our house and took my mom away. After a few days, she returned a changed person. She no longer talked back when my dad threw a temper tantrum and never once quarreled with Dad again. She recovered her health without taking any medication.

It turned out that my grandma had taken my mom away to teach her Falun Gong and she changed as a result of the practice. I thought that Falun Gong was very powerful.

I also learned that my grandma and grandpa and my uncle and his wife all practiced Falun Gong.

After that, whenever my mom did the exercises or studied the Fa, I followed her. I became a young Dafa disciple.

However, when I was in sixth grade, my practitioner uncle came to my school and told me that my mom had been arrested.

I was worried about Mom every day and hoped for her return.

When the police came to ransack our house and force us to hand over Dafa books, my dad told me to give them one book so that they would leave. Although I was afraid, I thought that this was a good book and I should not give it to them.

I told Dad, “Don't give it to them. Let them find it themselves. They will never be able to find it.”

Indeed, they couldn't find anything and left.

It was after I experienced many things that I realized that Master protects every Dafa disciple, including those who are not diligent.

My mom eventually returned home.

Slacking Off

When I started junior high school, I had to board at the school because it was so far from home. But I always studied the Fa with Mom every time I returned home.

I was in my second year of junior high school when my dad hit someone at work and had to compensate the person, causing a strain in my family's finances. I had to drop out of school and go to work.

I became just like everyone in everyday society.

I returned home less but my mom still gave me copies of Minghui Weekly to read. When I got pregnant and didn't go to work, I studied the Fa with my mom but my human attachments increased. I was afraid when I saw my mom clarifying the truth and encouraging people to quit the Chinese Communist Party. Unlike my mom, I only dared to tell my friends about Dafa and quitting the CCP.

I slacked off even more and didn't study the Fa. I didn't want to put in the effort and even rationalized, thinking that, when my mom consummated, I would go to her paradise to be one of her sentient beings.

Resuming Cultivation

I wanted to live a better life and was attached to my husband and daughter. I also kept thinking of how to make more money to live better.

I borrowed some money from my husband to open a franchise and put my heart into it. When I heard that my husband had a mistress, I was heartbroken. Life seemed too hard to bear. I worked all day but couldn't sleep at night. Not long after, my stomach felt bloated and I lost my appetite.

I was diagnosed with hepatitis and cholecystitis. I took Chinese and Western medicine and even sleeping pills, but I still couldn't fall asleep.

One day, I decided to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Soon after I fell asleep.

I was very happy when I woke up the next day. I thought that Master was still looking after me. I thanked him.

I immediately went home to get Master's audio lecture recordings and the audio recordings of practitioners experience sharing on the Minghui website from my mom.

After listening to the sharing, I thought that I should follow Master's requirements:

“You should always be benevolent and kind to others and consider others when doing anything. Whenever you encounter a problem, you should first consider whether others can put up with this matter or if it will hurt anyone. In doing so, there will not be any problems. Therefore, in cultivation you should follow a higher and higher standard for yourself.” (Zhuan Falun)

After that, I could be considerate of others whenever I encountered any problems and could also sleep more soundly.

When I went to my grandma's house, my uncle and his wife asked me to go out and clarify the truth with them.

On my way home, I chatted with them about what was happening to the people around us and lamented that everyone is only looking after themselves.

I said, “People who practice Dafa are still better.”

“That's right. It's better to cultivate,” he responded.

“But it's very difficult,” I said.

“You will have to see if you really want to cultivate. Cultivation is not difficult if you want to cultivate,” he said with a smile.

My uncle's words lingered in my mind after I returned to my shop. I wanted to cultivate, so I got up very early the next day to do the exercises.

When someone at work wanted to resign, I clarified the truth to her as I was afraid she might not have the chance to hear it again. She then told me she understood everything because someone near our shop was practicing Falun Gong.

At my request, she took me to find the practitioner, who then took me to a Fa-study group.

Master is so compassionate. I wanted to return to cultivation and he arranged everything!

In the coming days, practitioners would interact with me whenever I encountered any problems, which allowed me to elevate quickly. I could finally see things from the Fa's perspective and understood that people are selfish, that life is an illusion, and about karma and retribution.

I no longer had any grievances toward my husband. I could thank him sincerely because he helped me in my cultivation and reminded me what was precious.

When my xinxing improved, my husband returned home and apologized to me.

I said, “It is because I practice Dafa that I bear you no ill will.”

I asked him not to incur more karma but that, if he had a mistress, I was willing to allow it. He said that he would not divorce me and would not make the same mistake again. He even told my mom and me to cultivate diligently.

I would like to thank Master for arranging this cultivation path and also express my thanks to fellow practitioners. Master has left us this cultivation form of Fa-study groups, which I cherish a lot.

Because I have not yet reached the standard of a Dafa disciple, I will study more Fa and rectify myself in this limited time, so as to complete my mission and fulfill my vow.