(Minghui.org) I would like to share a little about my recent experience with Shen Yun.

When I talk about assisting with the Shen Yun performances, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude towards Master for this opportunity.

This was the sixth time that Shen Yun has come to our city. The first four times, we did not succeed in selling as many tickets as we had hoped.

We had a huge challenge this time: Shen Yun had to come just after the summer holidays. Consequently many people from mainstream society, those we hoped could see Shen Yun, were on vacation and would not even see our advertising until just two or three days before the shows were to begin. The local Association decided to accept those dates, as it had to be on those dates or nothing. We all gave our unconditional support.

In the neighboring city Punta del Este, a coastal town known to be a place where many people from the upper class vacationed, our local Dafa association opened a restaurant to be used as a promotion base.

We had a space at a nearby mall, and a group of practitioners who were fully dedicated to promoting Shen Yun in that city. They also distributed leaflets door to door in higher-end market neighborhoods. Meanwhile, in the hosting city, we had little to do as the city was partially empty.

The Shen Yun performances were scheduled to begin on March 1, and people would be returning from holidays right then, so as the day approached, the pressure increased. We nonetheless had the firm belief that this would succeed as it was arranged by Master, and since we fully trusted the arrangement, we eliminated all doubts about the outcome.

It was not easy to see so many tickets remaining to sell as the days flew by. Interference abounded too. Our city was plagued by protests that often interrupted traffic, so it made things difficult to transport food and for people to get to the theater.

The sidewalk in front of the theater was torn up by city work crews. Many online ticket scalpers offered the tickets at a much higher price than the official price, targeting elderly people or those who had little experience with the Internet. Also, a union-like organization presented a complaint requesting 3% of the profits, as they claimed to “represent the artists of music and dance” (this is a form of collecting money based on local regulations of unions). We had to deal not only with the basics of handling such an important project, but also with the many obstacles placed by external factors.

Nevertheless, Shen Yun performed ten shows in our city to great success. 

I think the most important thing from a cultivation perspective was that we worked as a cohesive group. We cared about each other's role as our own. We had no intention ofs showing off, or self-validation. Everything and everyone was important. We tried to quietly cover any gaps left by others. We were all clear about the purpose of Shen Yun: to save people. Although we had some omissions which caused some losses, it was part of the process, and divine beings look at it overall. Practitioners from all over the country came to help based on their personal situations. Some had overcome very tough tests to arrive, others to stay.

My personal experience also left a big impression on me. This was the first time in preparing for Shen Yun that I had felt the joy of making sacrifices and suffering to fulfill a greater aspiration: assisting Master in the Fa rectification. My eight-year-old daughter left with her mother to live in another country a few weeks before Shen Yun, so I had to deal with missing them. We would get up at 6:00 a.m. and not get home until after 1:00 a.m. While it's true that I was very tired, I felt happy and I was able to coordinate smoothly with my fellow practitioners. I only had the thought of Shen Yun in mind. For the rest, my mind was blank, as if I had no other concerns.

I also had the opportunity to assist people in buying their tickets at the box office. Many people's reactions were touching. Some almost cried when they listened to what Shen Yun was about. Some gave us hugs and shook our hands. I remember that I lent a man the $300 that he needed to complete the purchase of four tickets for his family. He said to me, “Nobody does this, even in Europe you won’t find this.” He returned two days afterward with the money. I also saw him after the show, and he was truly moved by Shen Yun.

Watching the Shen Yun performance this year was something I will never forget. The beauty and marvelous scenes presented in the show touched my heart in so many ways, I could barely stop my tears and emotions. I also enlightened to some of the meanings of the dances, at least at my limited level. I do not have the words to describe it, as it really was like being in a spiritual state. I wished those moments could last forever.

I believe that the feelings I got from watching Shen Yun this time were related to my cultivation state. I made the right decision, put aside all my ordinary issues, and fully focused on the project. Of course, this was possibly due to our local Dafa association, which established an environment for such a purpose. I am grateful for having such a generous coordinator that made all of this possible.

Amidst all the chaos created by modern science and theories, I clearly see the path that Master is creating through Shen Yun, a divine path for humankind to return to its original state, a righteous path to the true self.

I can truly say: Thank you Master!