(Minghui.org) As a cultivator, we all know that everyone has both Buddha nature as well as demon nature within. The purpose of cultivation is to cultivate away one's demon nature and promote one's Buddha nature, so that compassion can emerge.

During the Fa-rectification cultivation, the old forces focused on Falun Dafa practitioners' shortcomings such as having too many attachments or not being up to par as cultivators. The old forces used the concept of “fighting evil with evil” to “help” practitioners cultivate away demon nature, intensifying the tribulations and persecution in the process; if the practitioners could not make it, then they would be ruined and eliminated.

This is not what Master wanted, as Master does not acknowledge the old forces' way and asks practitioners to completely negate their arrangements. But how? Here is my understanding of it.

There is a song called “The Ocean is My Heart and Mind” in the Shen Yun program three seasons in a row. From the lyrics, we can see that Master wishes for us to all have hearts and minds as vast as the ocean. We need to forgive those who persecuted us (not including the masterminds of the persecution such as Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Zhou Yongkang, Zeng Qinghong). We need to clarify the truth about the persecution with wisdom and save those deceived sentient beings.

During our cultivation, no matter what we have faced, we have to treat sentient beings with kindness and use the compassion cultivated from Dafa to eliminate the evil behind them – that is complete negation of the old forces and their arrangements. Compassion has enormous power; no evil can withstand it because it will be dissolved and disappear. This is what Master wants, and Master requires compassion of all of us.

After eighteen years of Fa-rectification cultivation, many fellow practitioners' compassion has not come forth, and they were severely persecuted. Even though they talked about negating the old forces, they inadvertently walked on the path of the old forces. They adopted the old forces' way of fighting evil with evil. Some fellow practitioners would call the policemen evil whenever they saw them and be very hostile.

We have to meet the standard during our cultivation. If we learn to cultivate our compassion at every moment to truly think and connect with sentient beings, our ability to save others will be enhanced. When one is aligned with Dafa, the power is enormous. That is truly negating the old forces.

This is just my individual understanding at this time. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.