(Minghui.org) Recently, I was shocked to hear that a practitioner had passed away. This practitioner appeared under 50, so his passing was truly regretful.

A Match-Making Failure

About a year ago, a matchmaker arranged for that now-deceased practitioner and me to meet. The practitioner disliked wasting words, so as soon as he saw me, he said that I would not be a suitable mate for him.

After I left, he told the matchmaker, also a practitioner, that I was not pretty enough. There were other women like me who wished to acquire legal status through marriage, so the few eligible bachelors had many potential mates to choose from.

Some of them thought that my salary was too low in my full-time media job. Others thought that I worked too many hours, and still others, like that man, said that I was not attractive enough.

Other people’s comments about me became a driving force to make me look within. The incident with the male practitioner made me realize that I still had an attachment to lust.

Several fellow practitioners told me that this man had a girlfriend in her early 20s who was also a practitioner. I assumed that they were engaged to marry, and I did not give it a second thought since I thought that he should have married long ago. He died suddenly, however, which gave me another moment for pause.

A Dream Regarding Three Departed Practitioners

His death made me recall a vivid dream I had early last year. The dream took place in the media office. Everyone was working and someone said that a fellow practitioner died. I did not know him, but my subconscious clearly knew that he died from competitiveness and the strong resentment he later generated.

Fellow practitioners working in the media were all very sad. Some of them searched within.

Some time passed and another person died from the attachment to money, as the old forces had taken advantage of his loophole. Everyone was again very sad and could look within after this incident.

Soon a third person died, seemingly from the attachment to lust. This time, fellow practitioners in our office seemed to be numb.

No one was upset. To the contrary, everyone behaved as if nothing had happened. Some people even went to nightclubs to sing and dance after attending the funeral.

The dream was very vivid and made me realize that cultivation at the end is very serious. But I was wondering why no one looked within after that practitioner died from lust.

Now, through this last practitioner’s departure, I’ve realized that some people’s attachments to lust are hidden and may not be seen by others, but these attachments could still be fatal for a practitioner.

As such, I hope everyone will pay more attention, follow Master, and walk well on the final path.