(Minghui.org) It has been 26 years since Falun Dafa was introduced to the public and 19 years that practitioners have gone through the unprecedented tests of the persecution.

Recently, however, several notions appear to have become common among practitioners in mainland China, with some affecting even a larger area. Here I want to share my personal understanding about this.

First, many practitioners have slackened in their cultivation practice. While many practitioners are still very diligent, many others have slacked off. Their Fa-study takes a lower priority than before, and they have promoted products or sold books written by non-practitioners to new practitioners. This has caused a lot of confusion among new practitioners.

Second, some practitioners don't trust Master and the Fa absolutely. The reason is that they have waited many years but are still unable to see the time of conclusion. They know that the attachment to time is an attachment to get rid of, but they still can't help but hope that the next stage will come soon. Some practitioners have even pinned their hopes on a non-practitioner.

Third, a group of practitioners believed a fake Fa-teaching and deviated from a righteous cultivation path. They almost began to follow another “master.” This, I believe, is clearly interference from the old forces, but these people were unaware.

Fourth, when the “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching” was published, some practitioners began to interpret the Fa with their human notions and calculated the end time of the Fa-rectification process. When it didn't end as they had expected, they lost hope.

The Chinese New Year is approaching. Many practitioners have again developed a notion that the persecution should end this year. Master has reminded us many times to be diligent at the final stage. However, we have felt numb after hearing this warning so many times. Why does Master say this? Who is Master talking to?

Sometimes a practitioner might have doubts but doesn't want to share or ask fellow practitioners about it, fearing that others would simply say that he or she has an attachment. By keeping the doubts pent up for too long, a practitioner might begin to doubt the Fa and thus not maintain a cultivator's state.

Here I want to remind fellow practitioners that trusting Dafa and Master is crucial. We should think about what is behind the interference. Is it because of some notion within us?

Looking at all the schools of cultivation throughout history, Falun Dafa has displayed so many wonders. However, some practitioners still can't be steadfast in their belief. It is truly regrettable if you think about it.

Master said,

“At some point you’ll be made confused about what’s true and what’s false, and you’ll doubt that gong really exists, that you can cultivate, that you can really go up there in cultivation, that there are Buddhas, that they’re real... You’ll experience this later on, and you’ll be given those false impressions, which make you feel that those things don’t exist and that they’re false, and it’s exactly to see if you can stay steadfast.” (“Your Thoughts Have to be Proper” from Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun)

Cultivation practice is a long-term process with many tests along the way. If a practitioner develops an attachment to time, a slackened cultivation state could mean he or she could be sifted out. The right attitude is to always follow the Fa and to not to be interfered with by what other people do.

Master said,

“Remember these words from Master: however I handle something is righteous, and those who are dealt with are always wrong. (Applause) The reason is, that's the choice of the cosmos, the choice of the future.” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

Master also said in Hong Yin Volume II,

What’s given up is not oneselfBut instead the folly of delusion (“Discarding Attachments” from Hong Yin Volume II)

It is normal to have some doubts during the cultivation process, but doubts should not prevent practitioners from developing steadfast faith in Dafa. The opportunity to cultivate is given only once, and there are no second chances. Faith determines whether or not one can cultivate.

Master said,

“Those Dafa students who are unable to endure the suffering are especially likely to have thoughts of leaving the human world and reaching Consummation soon. This allows the evil to take advantage of their gaps. You have already made it through the most difficult time. So as for your last attachment, you must be sure to let go of it. I know all of the suffering of my disciples. The truth is, I treasure you more than you treasure yourselves!” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

“When great is the ordeal, keep steadfastThe will to be diligent never bowed”(“Steadfast” from Hong Yin Volume II)

Time will reveal all the answers eventually. We just don't want to see tragedy again. When we think someone is irrational, we should also look inward at ourselves and think: did we encounter this because we have a loophole somewhere? What is the right attitude to face this interference?

I wrote the following verse to express my thoughts in closing.

The wind blew away spring for the dandelions and scattered the autumn butterflies' dreamland. We are walking on a muddy path in the rain, reaching for a rainbow in the distance that is obscured by dark clouds. The rain continues. Footprints extend forward. Tears blur our eyes such that we can not see the other shore. Only a persistent righteous mind can guide us. Every obstacle is merely a test.