(Minghui.org) I began practicing Dafa in 1997. I would like to share two miracles that have happened in my family since then, in the hopes that they will help people appreciate the wonderfulness of Dafa.

“99 of 100 Would Have Died”

My son had a medical accident when he was treated for a cold in the school hospital during his graduate school years. His blood was infected, then later his organs. Eventually, the illness evolved into septicemia: his life was in danger.

After my husband and I arrived at his hospital, we immediately transferred him from there to the best hospital in the area. Many doctors gathered together to discuss his treatment plan, but the plans failed one after another. The hospital director met with us personally and warned us to prepare for the worst.

At this critical moment, I remembered that I was a Dafa practitioner.

I thought of Master's words,

“Falun Dafa disciples are absolutely forbidden to treat patients. You can read this book to a patient. If the patient can accept it, it can heal his illness, yet the results will differ according to each person’s amount of karma.” (Zhuan Falun)

I calmed down and began to read Zhuan Falun to him every day. I could tell that he was listening.

The miracle suddenly happened after three days. His condition improved exponentially. He survived!

“99 out of 100 would have died. He is so lucky,” remarked one of his doctors.

I knew that this was the power of Dafa. Master saved my son.

Many of my relatives understood the truth of Dafa after witnessing this miracle. They also withdrew from the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

My Husband's Recovery from a Severe Neck Injury

My husband had a severe motorcycle accident. He and the motorcycle fell into a ditch, and his neck was severely injured. He was sent to a hospital. He had barely any feeling in his legs and he was unable to take care of himself.

I was working in another city when the accident happened. When I took the train home, a couple sat across from me. The husband was in his fifties and had a spinal injury. The wife had to take care of everything for him. It was almost like looking into my future.

My husband stayed in the hospital for a month. I carefully took care of him and did not complain. After he was released, he was still unable to take care of himself, so I prepared myself to take care of him for the rest of his life. I even gave away his bike. But at the same time, I kept telling him about the wonderfulness of Dafa.

Soon enough, a miracle happened again. He gradually improved – from sitting up, standing up, walking with help, walking a few steps by himself to eventually walking normally. Six months later, he was able to ride a bike and was fully recovered. Now, he can do all kinds of housework.

Our close friends and relatives all came to really believe that Dafa is good after witnessing his miraculous recovery.