(Minghui.org) I had personally experienced and witnessed the student movement being crushed by military tanks at Tiananmen Square in 1989. After that, I had no interest in politics. I have been living a quiet life since I graduated from college.

Defending Falun Dafa

A woman came to the construction site where I was working in October 2000. She asked for some paint and said that she was going to cover up Falun Dafa information on a wall. I refused to give it to her for a simple reason – these people risked their lives to write those words.

She became very angry. “Are you part of their group?” she demanded.

Actually, I didn't know what Falun Dafa was, but I saw denunciation of it everywhere. I reasoned that these people must be facing injustice, so they had to risk their lives writing those words.

I told her in an antagonistic tone, “No way am I going to give you any paint – go away!”

A villager next to me said, “She is the wife of the Communist Party secretary.”

“The answer is still no,” I said, “even if she were the wife of the mayor,” I said. The woman left dejected.

Young Students Forced to Watch Self-Immolation

My wife is a school teacher. In the spring of 2001, the school organized students watching a movie, the so-called “Tiananmen Self-immolation by Falun Dafa practitioners.” Our son, who was only in third-grade, became so scared by the horrific images of the movie that he refused to sleep by himself.

I was very angry and I blasted the principle and teachers for lacking humanity, showing young children such scary images, and getting them involved in politics at such a young age. My wife tried to defend the school's decision and we quarreled heatedly.

Refusing to Yield to Pressure

Unexpectedly, my wife started practicing Falun Dafa in the fall of 2004. After several months of practicing, her psoriasis from which she had suffered for years, disappeared without having to resort to medication. She also became healthier and broad-minded. As a result, our relationship improved as well.

Finally, I came to understand what Falun Dafa was and saw the kindness of Dafa practitioners. When I saw the close relationships my wife had established with her students and their parents, I felt very happy for her.

My wife was arrested for practicing Falun Dafa in August 2010. Even though she was able to escape, it was a traumatic experience. I was under tremendous pressure, because police repeatedly harassed me. But I firmly believed that my wife did not do anything wrong by practicing Falun Dafa. With the encouragement of other practitioners, I got through the tough time.

Experiencing the Preciousness of Dafa

One day, I saw on a drying rack outside my window 12 blooming Udumbara flowers, a flower said to bloom only once every 3,000 years to herald the return of the sacred law-wheel king to save people.

I also had a dream one night. In my dream, I went back to school and was told that Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, was teaching in one of the classrooms. I was excited and went there. I saw Master, whose hair was blue and curly, wearing a Buddhist robe. He sat on the podium holding up one palm in front of his chest. I sat down and thought how wonderful it would be if my mother-in-law was there too. So I got up and went outside to look for her. Regrettably, I didn't remember what Master Li said.

I had heard my wife's friends talking about seeing a Falun. I thought to myself: I had seen Udumbara flowers and Master Li's Fashen. But I hadn't seen a Falun. Wouldn't it be nice if I could see a Falun.

Then one morning in my living room, I saw a golden Falun on the curtain. There were countless small Faluns inside it. At that moment, my mind went blank. I had no other thought and my heart was pure. I was so excited and moved, a feeling that cannot be described in mere words.

Although I have not started practicing Falun Dafa, I had witnessed the power of Dafa many times. I know in my heart that Falun Dafa is real, it is righteous and it is precious.