(Minghui.org) I have noticed lately that many practitioners have been reminding each other to not relax in cultivation. They feel that the end of the Fa-rectification is near since there have been so many changes in the world this year. We should not concern ourselves with what is happening in society but focus only on cultivation.

“To cultivate” is not just doing the three things well. We should contemplate whether we are still studying the Fa diligently and looking inward wholeheartedly? Or are we treating cultivation merely as a task? Like everyday people, do we expect to get good results as long as we finish the task?

I feel that all the programs on NTDTV are for people to watch, to save them. It is not for practitioners to enjoy. Actually, do we even have time to watch the news, chat, or travel every day?

We need to conform to ordinary society, in order to save more beings. However, we should not deviate from our initial intention and be no different from an everyday person. Do not allow the old forces to take advantage of our attachments and slide down in cultivation.

We must not forget that many practitioners have been tortured, arrested, imprisoned, and some have lost their lives in order to believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Practitioners outside of China have worked hard to expose the persecution. We cannot stop doing this.

Cultivation is serious and we should not be lax or stop improving our xinxing.