(Minghui.org) Master said: “Group Fa-study is an environment I created for you and a form that I've left for you.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students,” from Collected Fa Teachings, Vol VI) .

When involved in group Fa-study, practitioners will improve faster because they can stop each other from slacking off. However, one should be of pure intention when joining a group Fa-study.

In observing fellow practitioners, I've noticed that many often chitchat with each other, but do not speak up during cultivation experience sharing. There are those that leave immediately after they have read Master's teachings. And, some practitioners always arrive late, even though they are aware of the start time.

We all want to improve by studying the Fa, but if we do not do it with a pure heart, and if we do not put Fa-study as top priority, how can we improve?

Some practitioners often get sleepy when studying the Fa, and even fall asleep. When it is their turn to read, they are lost and do not know where to begin reading. However, they become very energetic after Fa study.

Some join the Fa study in the hopes of solving specific problems. If we do not study the Fa with pure hearts, if we do not treat studying the Fa seriously, how can we improve in our cultivation?

Addressing Phone Safety Issues

On another issue, I would like to remind practitioners to pay attention to safety.

We hold our group Fa-study at a local coordinator's home. The coordinator knows that cell phones have safety issues and thus requests that we not bring our cell phones, but she doesn't want to disconnect her home phone because she worries that she might miss calls from her children. We told her that the land line phone also has potential safety issues, and thus she needs to disconnect her home phone when we study the Fa at her house. However, she never listens to us. As a result, she has not only experienced sickness symptoms, but the police have come to her home many times to harass her.

A coordinator must be a role model, serving fellow practitioners. It is important that coordinators pay more attention to safety and thus reduce potential interference.