(Minghui.org) I'm almost 94 years old. I used to work at a clothing factory and led a bitter life most of the time. I sought consolation at a temple, but nothing changed for me.

Practicing Falun Dafa, however, completely changed my life. All of my ailments disappeared. Now in my 90s, I don't use a walking stick nor do I wear glasses. But most important for me, I understand the true meaning of life, that is, to return to my original, true self.

Spreading Good Words about Falun Dafa Despite the Persecution

After the communist regime began to persecute Falun Dafa in 1999, I never wavered in my determination to practice. I tried my best to get the word out and let people know that the persecution has no legal basis.

Master said:

“...all Dafa disciples, students both new and veteran, should get to work and begin comprehensively clarifying the truth. This is especially so for the Dafa disciples in mainland China: each must come out and clarify the truth, bringing it to every field and valley, mountain and hill, not omitting a single area where there are people.” (“Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World’s People,” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

I often went to public areas to distribute Falun Dafa materials and talked to people from all walks of life, including students, laborers, farmers, government officials, military personnel, and so on. Many of them agreed to quit the Party.

I'd like to share my experiences clarifying the facts to police officers.

Passing Out Falun Dafa Keepsakes at a Police Station

I often went out to talk to people about Falun Dafa with Ann, another practitioner who was 74 at the time. In 2016, several officers surrounded her and wanted to search her bag. When I went over to speak up for her, the police also surrounded me and wanted to search my bag as well. When I also refused, they called a police car and took both of us to the police station.

The police searched Ann's bag and found a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and a Falun Dafa brochure. While they searched her bag, I took out the Falun Dafa keepsakes that were in my bag and put them in my jacket pockets so the police wouldn't see them when they searched my bag.

They told us to stay put and wait for them to come back. We sent forth righteous thoughts and passed out the keepsakes to other officers who came in and went out of the station.

A few hours later they took us to the local police department.

Police Department Chief Reads the Nine Commentaries

At the police department, they put us in the interrogation room. Two officers watched us.

Chief Wang came in and picked up the Nine Commentaries booklet that was on the table and began to read it.

“I have been wanting to read this book, but I don't have the cash to pay you for it,” he said.

“We won't charge you. We pass it out for free,” I laughed in reply.

He asked us why we were there. I told him what had happened and said that we wanted to let people know the truth about Falun Dafa.

“That's fine,” he said and left.

Police Officers Quit the Party

When we were first brought to the police department, the officers there appeared to be very nervous. But seeing how we talked with their chief, they loosened up and some began to chat with us.

I recounted to a young officer the violent history of the communist regime and why we encourage people to quit it. He wrote his name on a piece of paper and agreed to quit the Party. I asked him not to participate in the persecution of Falun Dafa in the future, and he said he wouldn't.

After he left, five more officers came and asked us to help them quit the Party. I gave each of them a keepsake and wished them good luck on the job.

Police Department Head Quits the Party

Towards the end of the day, the police told Ann to sign the interrogation record and asked to take photos of her. As we were talking, another department chief whose name was Huang came and asked why we were still there. Ann told him that she didn't want to sign her name on the police record because she didn't do anything wrong. The chief turned around and said to the officers, “Just let them go.”

Just then, chief Wang, who'd read the Nine Commentaries, showed up. I asked him to quit the Party and he agreed. He offered to send us home in a police car, but we insisted on going by ourselves. He gave us some change to pay for the bus and asked Ann to take good care of me.

Delivering Falun Dafa Flyers to the Police

After we left, I felt bad that I hadn't helped chief Huang quit the Party. I kept thinking about it and also hoped that those officers who'd quit the Party could learn more about Falun Dafa.

I prepared some flyers and delivered them to the police station and the police department.

I met the head of the police station and gave him the flyers. I asked him to share them with all of his staff and to be sure to give one to chief Huang. He readily agreed.

There is one other police station in the area whose officers have been actively persecuting Dafa practitioners. They have sent at least a dozen practitioners to prison. I wanted them to understand the facts and stop participating in the persecution, so I brought informational materials and visited them.

The first time when I went, the director was on a business trip out of town. I talked to the three receptionists and they all agreed to quit the Party.

When I went a second time, the director was still away and a different receptionist was on duty. I asked him to help me pass along the materials to his director, and he said he would. When I left, the receptionist came over and helped me walk down the stairs. I talked to him, and he also agreed to quit the Party.

In addition to the police stations in my area, I also delivered Falun Dafa materials to the police department in a big city near us, where the persecution of Falun Dafa is much more severe. One of the officers on duty agreed to quit the Party. They also accepted the flyers and agreed to give them to their director.


While talking to the officers who quit the Party at the police station following my and Ann's arrests, I asked them, “Do you agree with me that Falun Dafa is great?” “We agree,” they said. I also asked them to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” saying that would bring them blessings.” They nodded their heads.

When I talked to the police, whether it was a regular officer or the director, I felt very relaxed, compassionate, and calm. I think their knowing sides that longed to learn the truth and be saved were showing.

My interactions with the police made me realize how precious a life is. But one may become lost and go awry in the long course of history. Master doesn't only want to save cultivators, he also wants to save all beings.

Master said:

“A minute ago I said that everyone in the world was part of my family. Don't acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, and do as much as possible to clarify the truth.” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

I enlightened that the family members Master mentioned also include those who play negative roles in the Fa-rectification, such as police officers who arrest and detain practitioners. They are controlled by the old forces and utilized by the communist regime to do evil.

Master doesn't acknowledge any arrangements by the old forces. If we treat the police as enemies and hate them, we are depriving them of opportunities to be saved.

From the above paragraph of the Fa, I felt Master's immense compassion for all beings. We should also reach a higher level and embrace everyone as members of our family.

Some practitioners have asked me whether I was afraid when I delivered the materials to the police. I told them that I know I'm doing the right thing, and no matter how irrational the police may behave on the surface, they are longing to be saved deep inside. We won't be able to reach them if we still have fear in our own hearts. I believe Master is with me and protecting me all the time. It's our responsibility as a Dafa disciple to spread the truth and save people. Everyone in the world is Master's family, and they are also our family, including the police. Whoever is saved will be able to stay after Fa-rectification ends.