(Minghui.org) I have never been fond of taking medicine, even though I had rheumatoid arthritis from the time I was 13, stomach problems in my 20s, and anemia and heart disease in my 30s. Neither Chinese nor Western medicine could restore my health.

When I started to practice Falun Dafa, I was very ill. But after eight days, I recovered from all my ailments. Suddenly my life became indescribably wonderful. I am so fortunate to be a Falun Dafa practitioner.

In the process of returning to good health, I had minor swelling and pain in my legs, but by reading Zhuan Falun, I understood that I would have health problems on and off.

I can now carry a large pail of water up to the sixth floor although I am 70 years old. My physical and mental health are beyond what I could possibly hope for with regular medical treatment. I feel like I am the healthiest and happiest person in the world.

Helping People Resume Cultivation

The founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, said,

“… as a cultivator, you should make use of all feasible conditions to spread Dafa and validate Dafa as a correct and true science, rather than preaching or idealism—this is every cultivator’s obligation.” (“Validation,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

By following the Dafa principles or Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, my character improved – I always consider others first when doing anything. I tell people about the persecution and Dafa to undo the lies about Master Li Hongzhi and Dafa spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

My relatives who witnessed the huge changes in my health and mental state came to understand Dafa’s greatness and some of them started to practice. But on July 20, 1999, the CCP, as directed by Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime, launched the persecution of Falun Dafa. The sudden crackdown on the peaceful practice scared my relatives and they all stopped practicing to avoid persecution. I explained to them how the CCP minions were lying about Dafa because they were jealous and afraid of losing power since so many people had taken up the practice. Some of them returned to Dafa once they understood the truth.

My Sister-in-law’s Diabetes Vanished

My sister-in-law is over 70 years old and wanted to practice Dafa. Since she is illiterate, I bought her two audio players, so she could listen to Master’s lectures on one and play the exercise music on the other. She studied one lecture and did all five exercises every day. When she meditated, she was able to think of nothing and saw beautiful lights and colors when she was doing the exercises.

She thanked me for telling her the truth about Dafa and said that if I hadn’t told her about it, she would not have understood the truth that Falun Dafa is truly great. Her diabetes and high blood pressure disappeared and she no longer needed to take any medications.

My Cousin’s Illness Cured

My cousin was a Buddhist. One time when I was at her home I shared my understanding of loss and gain that I'd learned from studying Zhuan Falun. She understood the Dafa principles and decided to practice Dafa, too.

Soon after she started cultivation, she felt a rotating motion in her stomach. She used to be scared to be home. Now she isn't. She feels very lucky to cultivate in Dafa and doesn't know what she would do without it.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis Symptoms Gone

My 70-year-old neighbor practiced Falun Dafa until the persecution started, at which point she took up Buddhism and practiced Tai Qi instead. Though she spent most of her retirement benefits on health care products, she still had lots of illnesses and eventually got cervical spinal stenosis.

I visited her and shared with her about the benefits of cultivating in Dafa. After her husband passed away, she decided to practice Dafa. She now practices the exercises and studies the writings of Master Li every day.

One day her friend who had worshiped Buddha with her visited her and tried to get her to return to practicing her old religion. I explained the truth about Dafa to her, and once she understood that everything the CCP said about Dafa was a lie, she decided to become a practitioner. Now, she is a very diligent Dafa practitioner.