(Minghui.org) I came across a report in the news not long ago that said that the supervisory team responsible for the crackdown on organized crime had completed their work in Hebei Province.

Their experience was summarized and passed on to other teams doing the same work. These teams have been stationed in nine regions since August 31, including the provinces of Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, and Liaoning. After seeing these reports, I understood why there were so many recent incidents of harassment, persecution, and arrests in Hebei Province.

As a Dafa disciple, other than sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference caused by the old forces, what should we do?

When sending righteous thoughts one time, I saw the following: A machine gun kept firing at me. I dodged the bullets while sending righteous thoughts. I thought that they would not keep missing me forever, so I walked up to the machine gun, grabbed it, and fired at the evil. Then I saw someone far away that looked like Teacher, and he was waving his arms. I heard a voice say, “Teacher’s eyes are bleeding.” I felt terrible and thought, “Teacher, what were you trying to tell me? What should I do?” I felt helpless. In front of me was a raging fire.

I was crying as I finished sending righteous thoughts, and my heart felt heavy. I didn't know what the fire represented. I wondered if it was telling me that it was the fire of the alchemy furnace or a sign for something urgent or that my cultivation state was not good. In any case, Teacher had shed bloody tears. This thought alone made me want to cry. I hated myself for being incompetent.

Finding the Answer

The news report I had read that morning seemed to provide an answer, and I was still thinking of the raging fire as I ate dinner. All of a sudden, my husband asked me, “Do you know how to use the fire extinguisher?” I said, “Sure. Why do you ask?” He said, “Just in case.” We'd had the fire extinguisher for quite some time, but he'd never asked that question. I thought I should share my understanding when I related these things to my own situation. The sharing would hopefully motivate us to be more diligent.

Over the past three years, I'd endured quite a few ordeals. After I filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin, the former dictator of the communist regime, I was illegally detained for 15 days. Then I had sickness karma twice. I almost failed the first time. I went to the hospital but to no avail. Being in a desperate situation, I asked for and received Teacher's help. However, I barely survived. Then I was brainwashed and the authorities demanded that I sign a repentance statement. In addition to all of that, the police harassed me countless times.

Whenever I experienced any type of tribulation, I looked inside and gradually elevated. I was very tense and extremely tired, but I tried to endure the fatigue. However, I became depressed and my negative thoughts weighed me down.

Then I enlightened that the old forces were acting out as they were being destroyed. I had done nothing. I looked for and completely let go of my attachments, such as lust, the need to validate myself, fear, being vigilant, and apprehension. I did not hide the attachments, I eliminated them.

I recognized that when the evil factors of the old forces are being destroyed, they are alive and they exist in a dark field that consists of our attachments and notions. They live on the conflicts between practitioners, and those conflicts provide them with energy—they are their refuge. The dark field interferes with practitioners and stops us from forming a whole body. When we cooperate with each other well, our cooperation extinguishes the field. We have to deny its existence.

How to deny it? Teacher said, “Calmly reflect on the attachments you have. Remove your human thoughts and evil will naturally die out” (“Don't Be Sad” from Hong Yin, Vol II)

My Understanding of a Fa Principle

Through Fa study, I gained some new understanding of the Fa principle of “sailing against the current.”

Because being selfish was the characteristic of the old cosmos, all lives had to live by the law of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction, none could escape it, and all was helplessly sliding down to the end. The destruction of others and the destruction of oneself – nobody could go against this law.

When a life entered the stage of destruction, the negative elements were strengthened, and selfishness intensified to safeguard itself. The negative elements would then make the life develop various attachments, thoughts, and notions, as well as evil thoughts and bad substances. Its positive elements were no longer pure, and the negative components became even worse.

Teacher's Gift to Sentient Beings

It is Teacher Li who, with his immense compassion, helps rescue all and gives the Great Law to the sentient beings. Dafa’s wisdom has a repairing and renewing mechanism.

When a cultivator wants to assimilate to Dafa and becomes a qualified Fa particle, he must look inside during tribulations arranged by the old forces. Teacher said that this beats the old forces at their own game. When a cultivator no longer runs away from conflicts, hides his issues, becomes passive, or is baffled by some surface phenomenon, he looks inside and identifies and eliminates all negative substances. Dafa teaches him to control himself and return to his true self.

When we do well, it is to validate Dafa’s wisdom and mighty virtue. When we can still look inside when in the midst of pain and focus on saving lives, we prove that we have assimilated to the Fa. Only then will the lives at high levels stop interfering with us. When they can do that, they are making the right choice and can save themselves.

When Dafa practitioners meet Dafa's requirements, Teacher will give us the very best. But when we don’t do well, we neglect our responsibilities. We must look inside when we are confronted with any conflict or difficulty. Only then can we change ourselves and assimilate to Dafa. Only then can our lives be renewed and no longer have a negative impact—we are freed from the old forces’ control.Because we are lives and coexist with the Fa, every single one of our thoughts is exceptionally important, and our responsibilities are also enormous. Whatever mentality and thoughts we have, they will allow for the coexistence of lives in ourselves and in the universe.

Once I understood these principles, the fatigue, negativity, worries, and anxieties disappeared. I became more confident, and it was a good feeling. I felt that everything would start anew. Any incorrect thought could easily be detected and corrected. When I was interfered with, I told myself not to be trapped and that it was false. I would then immediately eliminate it. The interference disappeared instantly.

Teacher is using the fire in the furnace to burn up all the bad substances in the universe. What we lose are the impurities and what we gain is actually purity and renewal.