(Minghui.org) When I went out of town on business in 1998, I saw a young man reading a book. I peeked over his shoulder and read:

“Someone may say, "I’ll earn some more money to settle my family down well so I won’t have to worry about anything. Afterwards, I’ll practice cultivation." I would say that this is your wishful thinking. You are unable to interfere with the lives of others, and neither can you control others’ fates, including those of your wife, sons, daughters, parents, or brothers. Can you decide those things?” (Zhuan Falun)

“Isn't this what I had in mind?” I thought. “I used to wish to settle my family down well first and then join a monastery. This is a book that really guides one to cultivate Buddhahood. This is the Buddhist scripture I've been looking for!"

I handed the project over to my coworkers, then went back to my hometown to find the Falun Dafa books and the practice location. I began to study the Fa and practice the exercises.

Following the Dafa Principles

By studying the teachings regularly and cultivating diligently, the principles contained in Zhuan Falun truly became part of me. In my everyday life, at work, or wherever I am, I conduct myself strictly according to the Dafa standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

After I became a practitioner, my friend asked me to go to Guangzhou City to help him run his company. At work, I conducted myself according to the standards of a cultivator. which helped build trust with my boss.

Jiang Zemin’s regime then launched the persecution of Falun Dafa. I was afraid my boss would be deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda, so I told him how good Falun Dafa is. He was very much in agreement and reminded me, “Be careful.”

Displaying the Goodness of Dafa
A Vietnamese merchant ordered some products from us. The colors of the 100-yuan and 10-yuan bills are very similar, so he mistakenly paid me with 100-yuan bills. When I did the day-end closing, I found over 1,000 yuan extra in the till.

I figured it must be the Vietnamese merchant who overpaid, but I was unable to contact him until he came to our company to order again. I refunded the overpayment.

“I'm surprised there are any good people left in the world today,” he said emotionally in non-standard Mandarin. When he saw me holding the book Zhuan Falun, he said, “You are a good man! Please be careful!”

My boss asked me to go to Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, at the end of 1999 to help with business as it was not going very well. There was an unwritten rule in the operation that I could take a broker fee of 5 to 10% of any business order based on the total amount.

Being a Falun Dafa practitioner, I did not take a broker fee. I knew I had to follow Master’s teaching to be a good person. My boss trusted me because I was a Dafa cultivator and lived by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I knew I should not take extra money, because my boss already paid me a salary. I wanted to be a qualified Dafa practitioner.

When the CCP persecution continued to escalate, I resigned, returned to my hometown, and joined my fellow practitioners to tell people about the goodness of Dafa.

Improving My Xinxing

In the early days of the persecution, my understanding of the Fa was not deep. I regarded doing things as cultivation, which provided a loophole for the old forces. I was arrested twice and sentenced to forced labor.

After returning home, I studied the Fa diligently, examined myself for any attachments, and used the Fa to rectify my behavior. My xinxing continued to improve.

We talked about producing Dafa informational materials locally. I shared the concern with local practitioner Alice, as it was not safe to go out of town to get the materials.

Alice immediately asked me to bring the materials to her home and that they had to meet her requirements. I did not fully agree with her request, but I did not say much.

A few days later, Alice suddenly showed up at my work and shouted, “Are you a cultivator? Someone told me...”

I immediately recalled something Master said:

“As practitioners, you will suddenly come across conflicts. What should you do? You should always maintain a heart of compassion and kindness. Then, when you run into a problem, you will be able to do well because it gives you room to buffer the confrontation.” (Zhuan Falun

I was very calm and smiled, “Don't be upset. It's all my fault. I am sorry, I did not handle it well. I should have discussed it with you ahead of time.” Then I searched inward to see if there was anything that could have upset her.

I did not communicate with her before doing things and just made a decision by myself. I thought, “Isn't this how the communist party does things? I was like a boss who handles things his way among ordinary people. I was wrong.”

I admitted to Master in my heart, “Master, what I did was wrong. In the future, I will cultivate myself earnestly and eliminate all bad attachments of ordinary people.”

Alice and I apologized to each other. After this incident, I helped her set up a home-based truth-clarification material production site.

Master Gives Me Wisdom

I cooperated with other practitioners to carry out many truth-clarification projects.

A practitioner from a different city told me, “There is another, quite advanced project for saving sentient beings you can try to promote it in your area.”

The practitioner said to use a WiFi server to spread the truth to all beings. As I was setting it up, however, I did not understand some of the operating instructions, which were in English.

I took the server and the manual to a practitioner who was a college student to help with the technology. “This is very dangerous. I wouldn't advise using it,” she said after looking at the server and the instructions.

There was no other way so I had to do it myself. I asked Master to give me wisdom. I experimented first by taking the server to public places where there were crowds of people, such as shopping malls, parks, restaurants, and bus stations, so that those with mobile phones could receive factual information about Dafa.

I checked the logs in the evening. Over 100 people had read the truth about Dafa that day. It was an excellent project. I communicated with several practitioners who had not stepped forward to help yet, thinking this would be a way they could save people and fulfill their mission.

Soon, dozens of our practitioners bought this type of server. About 10 people read the facts about Dafa every day on each server, and some of them withdrew from the CCP.

Strengthened by Master, I quickly mastered the pertinent technology. Currently, using this method to save the sentient beings in our area is going very well.

As the Fa-rectification nears the end, I will be worthy of Master’s compassion. I must seize the time to study the Fa, cultivate myself diligently, do the exercises, and cooperate with other practitioners.