To the 2018 Asia Fa Conference

My regards to all the Dafa disciples attending the Asia Fa conference!

The final salvation was sure to take place at a time when humanity’s moral values have fallen apart. It can be hard to save people where evil has the upper hand, when you face the strains of persecution, and when people’s minds have been infused with lies. Yet the majority of our practitioners have done well at saving people. The truth is, if there were nothing hard about it, it wouldn’t need to be those who cultivate the Great Way of Dafa carrying out the salvation, and of course, nor could the magnificent virtue of Dafa disciples show itself. All of those whom you save will one day become the beings of your [domains]. You are the hope of all lives, and you are the future!

Your Teacher,
Li Hongzhi
October 14, 2018

(Translation by Team Yellow)