(Minghui.org) In China, a child’s education is usually a significant issue for parents. In order to send their children to a good college, many families will do anything and pay a high price.

Like many others, I sent my son to all kinds of extracurricular activities and classes. The money was spent, and he was exhausted. Not only did we not see results but my son became resistant, and his grades went down. In high school, he picked up bad habits and started smoking and dating. My husband and I were not good at guiding him, and I had a bad temper. So, my son did not want to communicate with us. It became a vicious cycle.

My husband and I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2012. We know that Dafa teaches us to become better people. It can also give people wisdom. We believed that Dafa could change our son too, so my husband asked him to read Zhuan Falun. At the same time, we followed Dafa’s principles in teaching him.

Before he finished reading the book, he said, “Mom, I quit smoking and am no longer dating. I told my ex-girlfriend to focus on her studies.” I was amazed and moved. It was Master who changed my son. Dafa is so miraculous!

My son studied the Dafa books and lived by the principles in his daily life. But sometimes we had conflicts. Once, when he was not home by the time I expected him, we had an argument. Afterward, I regretted yelling at him. I did not do as Master taught us:

“Some people will lose their temper in disciplining children and yell at them, making quite a scene. You should not be that way in disciplining children, and neither should you, yourselves get really upset. You should educate children with reason so that you can really teach them well.” (Zhuan Falun)

I did not search within myself for shortcomings. Although I am his mother, he was an independent high school student. He did not have to do everything my way. I needed to respect him too. I did not consider how he felt at the time. I was being self-centered. Master teaches us to be compassionate, kind, and tolerant. I did not do well.

Ever since then, I have been careful to rectify myself first. When he did something wrong, I was able to treat it calmly. At the same time, my son also changed. He lived by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and was able to focus on his schoolwork.

Dafa also granted him more wisdom. He was good at art and drawing. Every time he had difficulty coming up with ideas, he would study the Fa, after which ideas would come to him. His drawing skills also improved significantly. He was even able to get into a professional art college. It was such a surprise to us that a once-struggling student was able to go to such a great school all because of Dafa and its founder, Master Li Hongzhi. We are so grateful.

One thing that happened after my son went to college made me realize the immense power of Dafa.

During the winter break of my son’s sophomore year, he told us that when he shopped online once, an advertisement popped up on his mobile phone. He opened the link without thinking, and 2,000 yuan was stolen from his account. He did not have the courage to tell us at the time. He wanted to solve the problem on his own, so he took out a loan using an application on his phone. It turned out to be a high-interest rate loan, and he was not able to repay it all. It was a large amount—a month and a half of my salary.

I just happened to have finished reciting Zhuan Falun for the very first time and was able to search within. I shared my thoughts with my son. I told him it was our fault that we did not do well enough for him to feel comfortable reaching out to us when he had problems. I did not blame him at all.

After my husband came home that night, we looked inward together. The next day, we talked to our son and told him that we would help repay the loan. We also told him calmly that when he ran into problems in the future, we will be there to support him no matter what. My son was very happy to hear that.

Since then, my son has been more willing to communicate with us. He is also more diligent about studying Dafa. Master’s guidance set my family on a true course. We all learned how to walk our paths more righteously and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.