(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Gong practitioner whose celestial eye is closed. However, I have experienced, heard, and witnessed many incidents that have taken place among practitioners, some of which were not in line with the Fa.

Keeping the Fa Principles in Mind

As Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period, our cultivation is different from any other form of cultivation in history.

Master said:

“…and this dimension is precisely one of illusion. So we’ve adopted the opposite approach: At the microscopic level we are gradually transforming you starting from your body composed of the most microscopic particles of your existence, and breaking through, layer by layer, toward the largest molecules. In other words, we are breaking through toward the surface of your body until we finally reach the flesh cells composed of the layer of molecules visible to the eyes. Then you will Consummate.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe)

I learned from Master's Fa that the most microscopic level is the original source of one’s main consciousness; that is, these most pure and microscopic particles form our main consciousness.

Master imparts to us the true Fa of the cosmos and also endures our karmic debts, enabling practitioners to rapidly break through cultivation levels. The original homes of practitioners are in very high realms, even higher than the highest level lives who interfere with the Fa-rectification.

The old forces arranged for practitioners’ human factors, such as temperament, character, and other coarse particles, to exist in the three realms. They cannot, then, penetrate to the most microscopic parts of a practitioner's master consciousness.

The original source of a practitioner's master consciousness has reached the standard of the new cosmos. It is our true self and is recognized by Master. To protect us from being polluted by the old cosmos, Master instantly separates these from the old cosmos when they reach the standard. Then, could the true selves already aligned with the standards of the new cosmos commit deeds not in line with the cosmos’ Fa? That is impossible.

Master stated:

“The truth is, anything that is not consistent with Dafa or the righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples results from the old forces’ involvement, and that includes all of the unrighteous elements that you have.” (“On the Responses to the Piece About Assistant Souls”)

My understanding after reading Master's Fa is that the master consciousness has to return to its true self and all the unrighteous elements need to be eliminated. This is because one’s master consciousness originates from the true self and aligns with the Fa, which is the most righteous. This may also be a fundamental reason some new practitioners can send powerful righteous thoughts.

Negating the Old Forces Arrangements

When dealing with fellow practitioners who experience tribulations because of being illegally arrested, detained, or facing illnesses karma, or in dealing with those who have not conformed to the Fa, we should completely deny the old forces arrangements and negate them.

We need to realize that the true selves of other practitioners are indeed conforming to the Fa. All the improper words and deeds that do not conform to the Fa are a result of being attacked by the old forces. Those elements are human notions and attachments that were imposed on practitioners by the old forces. They are meant to manipulate the human bodies of practitioners and are not part of their true selves. Thus, we have to negate and eliminate them.

If all practitioners could keep themselves under control at all times, achieve a proper understanding of the Fa, and cultivate diligently when facing tribulations, then the evil elements in other dimensions would instantly disintegrate.

Old Forces Interference

Quite a few practitioners who were involved with one another’s materials production sites were illegally arrested. It’s been said that those practitioners are intelligent, competent, and run their production sites well.

Some of the practitioners became attracted to each other, however, and their loopholes resulted in persecution by the old forces. Who arranged the lust attachments? It seems to me that it was the old forces.

The old forces had strengthened practitioners’ attachments within their microscopic space. These came into effect during the Fa-rectification and were used to persecute practitioners. The purpose was to destroy practitioners.

The behaviors not aligned with the Fa were not actions by the practitioners’ true selves; instead, they were results of their human bodies being manipulated and acted upon by the old forces.

Thus, as a Fa particle, we must remember the Fa principles and righteously deny and dissolve the interference and persecution by the old forces. Complaining about and criticizing other practitioners cannot play a positive role.

Manifestation of Cultivation Realm

What is in a human being’s mind and what one speaks about are all substances in other spaces. Could what someone complains about and criticizes—those negative thoughts—be good?

As soon as the complainer utters or thinks the words, these substances instantly appear in a practitioners’ space. These negative substances suppress the practitioners’ righteous thoughts. So, was what the complainer did a good thing or a bad thing?

At these times, we are faced with a choice: either to truly harmonize the cultivation team with compassion or to generate gaps by criticizing each other. I believe each practitioner has this choice to face, which is truly the manifestation of one’s xinxing cultivation realm.

Looking Inward to Improve as One Body

When tribulations and conflicts happen, we need to recognize them as tricks by the old forces, strengthen other practitioners with righteous thoughts, and look inward while rejecting negative human thoughts.

We can treat these occurrences as if we are watching a movie: discover how those attachments, desires, and concepts exist in ourselves and then remove them. Only then can we play a positive role and create a proper cultivation environment.

More often than not, we may suddenly recall that we have experienced something similar. I’ve realized that such instances are sometimes pushed into our minds by Master. We thus have to pay attention, for Master helps to show us our attachments and improper behavior so that we can remove them.

We ought to dig out the driving force—be it human notions or something else from within us. No thought should be ignored. Anything not aligned with the Fa has to be adjusted. Any damage to others has to be compensated for. Any consequences that cannot be reversed require a sincere apology to Master. One must admit one’s wrongdoing and ask Master for chances to resolve the issue and harmonize with the group.

We need to be strict with ourselves and treasure each opportunity for improvement. Also, while we improve, we should not forget the group. We can communicate with each other, talk about our shortcomings, and correct what is wrong. That way we can improve as a whole body.