(Minghui.org) I experienced severe interference in the form of sickness karma for many years. But my symptoms disappeared after I let go of old notions, and thought of other practitioners first.

I had worked out of town for more than seven years and was thus separated from the main body of practitioners. I was not diligent and slacked off in doing the three things that are required by Master. I neglected my Fa study and didn't study at all when I was busy. I sometimes did not control my xinxing and did not behave like a practitioner should.

Severe pain confined me to bed whenever I had my menstrual cycles, and I vomited even though I hadn't eaten for days. Death seemed like a better option than living this way. Sometimes my period would return in only two weeks when I didn't control my xinxing.

My husband and children wanted to take me to a hospital. I said, “The hospital can cure illnesses, but it can't cure the karmic roots of one’s life. If hospitals were able to cure those, then people wouldn't die.” My son and daughter understood.

A lump soon developed in my abdomen that extended to my back. I couldn't do any heavy work, and walking was difficult. It was unbearable. I felt that whether I lived or died was in Master’s hands. I knew that this growing tumor could end my life. I knew that if I didn't diligently strive forward, the myriad of people who were depending on me would lose their opportunities to be saved; they had waited eons to learn about Falun Dafa. How big a crime would this be? I wondered what I should do. I wanted to return to my hometown and reconnect with practitioners, but my husband didn't agree with me.

I insisted on going home in 2013. My children were very supportive and paid my living expenses. I was able to establish a materials production site with the selfless cooperation and help from a few other practitioners. The site operated smoothly for several years and helped save many people. This was all due to Master's great compassion and painstaking arrangements. He supported and looked after me. He gave me the opportunity to cultivate even though I had not been diligent. He let me participate in the Fa-rectification, do the three things, honor my vows, complete my sacred mission, and prepare to follow Him home.

Many of my symptoms disappeared after studying the Fa diligently and sending righteous thoughts. Symptoms sometimes reappeared with the recurrence of attachments. I still experienced interference. It lessened when I sent righteous thoughts, but I hadn't eliminated my problems at their roots.

I felt very tired after walking a lot to post truth clarification materials at night, and it took days to regain my strength. This continued for several years, but I felt that I had no way to improve the situation.

I recently bought some coal and had it delivered and unloaded outside of my shed. The male practitioner who usually helped me move the coal into the shed was too busy, and I was too embarrassed to ask for help. I thought that I should move the coal, but could I do such heavy work? I was still experiencing interference, and I was afraid I would be confined to bed for days afterward if I did the work. I then realized that this attitude was very selfish. Why should I be afraid of getting tired and give the work to other practitioners?

Without realizing it, I was eliminating my notions. They are practitioners, but so am I. My body is composed of high energy matter. It is a Vajra's indestructible body and it is not tired. I held these thoughts deep in my heart. I then changed my clothes and went out to the shed. I listened to two of Master's lectures on my audio player and finished the task with Master's support.

I suddenly felt very comfortable. The physical pain that I had suffered from for years disappeared. I wasn't tired the next day, and I didn't need to lie down to recuperate. This was miraculous. Master was able to eliminate my symptoms because I had changed my notions.

It was just like what Master wrote in "New Life" in Hong Yin:

“Their notions changedDecayed matter is removedThe brilliant light shines”

Thank you, Master, for your great compassion and bearing so much hardship for me.