Despite Appeals Entire Family Sentenced to Prison for Their Beliefs

A family of three was arrested in November 2016 and sentenced in September 2017. They were fined and are currently serving prison terms. The son was beaten in prison and has since become emaciated. The mother and son both suffered mental collapses due to the stress of persecution while imprisoned, and the prison authorities denied the son access to his lawyer, as well as visits from family.

New Practitioner: I Thank Dafa for Saving My Life

Seeing remarkable changes in family members and acquaintances who practice Falun Dafa, a woman in Jilin Province eventually takes up the practice as well. Then, when she finds herself unscathed after a severe car accident, she is further convinced of the power of her newfound faith.

Former Government Official in Henan to Face Indictment for His Faith

Doctors gave a former city bureau director three months to live, so he began practicing Falun Gong and made a full recovery. Three years later, the Chinese communist regime began persecuting Falun Gong. He was pressured to renounce his faith to avoid implicating his family and because he was a government official. Nevertheless, because he continued to practice his faith in private, the authorities threatened his family at gunpoint before arresting and torturing him.

The Entire Hospital Ward was Discharged

After a man with terminal lung cancer recovers after embracing Falun Dafa while hospitalized, the other patients in the ward follow suit.

Helping Others Is Helping Myself

By reflecting on her experiences and lessons learned from studying the Fa, a practitioner enlightens to how helping others is really helping herself improve, as well.

An 88-Year-Old Man’s Journey of Cultivating Falun Dafa

An elderly practitioner does not let advanced age or common notions slow him down, and continues to do the three things that a Dafa disciple must do.

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