(Minghui.org) I am a 79-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa eight months ago. I was fortunate to attend the U.K. Experience Sharing Conference, from which I benefited greatly. Every practitioner's sharing was moving, and helped me see some of my shortcomings and how I could improve.

Inspired by Other Practitioners

Ms. Chen, a business owner, cut back on her store hours so she could spend three days every week at a local tourist site to clarify the truth about Dafa.

I have more free time and yet I only went to the tourist site twice a week and did not stay as long as Ms. Chen. This inspired me and I decided to increase my truth-clarification efforts.

Letting Go of Attachment to Food

Ms. Song is 14 years old and has practiced Falun Dafa since she was very young. She mentioned that she frequently craved certain foods. She had many snacks she preferred and would look for and order them online. She had such a strong attachment to her snacking that she had trouble falling asleep unless she had eaten some of her favorite food.

She searched for her preferred snacks even when traveling away from home. She was determined to get rid of this attachment to food. This reminded me that I often crave food and have strong preferences too.

My refrigerator was always packed with various meats and seafood. I was always well stocked with sweets and the spicy foods that I liked. I came to the U.K. six months ago to be with my daughter and her family. My daughter is a vegetarian, and she and her family eat Western foods.

I had trouble getting used to the change and complained to her. I asked her to purchase fish and other meats when she went to the grocery store. Later I realized that I should conform to her lifestyle and not expect her to change her diet for me. With more Fa-study I began to understand. I now eat whatever they eat and my craving for fish and meat subsided.

Letting Go of Laziness

Ms. Dong, a veteran practitioner, has spent many years introducing Falun Dafa and doing Shen Yun promotion. She said, “I used to miss sending forth righteous thoughts, did not hear my alarm going off, or went back to sleep if I had just one minute to wait.”

She continued, “One time, when I woke up, I saw my husband sending forth righteous thoughts alone, without waking me up. I was a bit upset and complained to him. Looking within I knew that it was my fault. Since then, I have not missed sending forth righteous thoughts.”

Listening to her story I saw my gap. I went out to promote Dafa during the day and was tired at night. When I heard my alarm go off for sending forth righteous thoughts, I was too tired and ignored it.

My daughter shared with me the importance and power of sending forth righteous thoughts at the four set times globally. I thought that if everyone was just as I, how would that do? I came to understand that to be attached to sleep was a reflection of laziness, which was also a kind of demon. It had interfered with my sending forth righteous thoughts. Now I am able to participate in sending forth righteous thoughts on time by getting rid of this attachment.

Treating Chinese Tourists with Compassion

In Mr. Cui's sharing, he mentioned that when he was clarifying the facts to people, they often gave him the cold shoulder or openly berated him. He did not get upset, but still patiently talked to them.

I felt that practitioners were kind, and truly compassionate. When I was talking to people about Falun Dafa, I also encountered this situation. I understood that it was because they were deceived by the lies from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, I did not continue to clarify the facts to them. I could see the gap between myself and other practitioners.

I once ran into a group of middle school student from China. Two of them were fighting and accidentally knocked me to the ground. They apologized and I forgave them. I told them not to fight any more, but failed to clarify the facts to them. I regretted missing this opportunity afterward. I felt that I did not do enough Fa-study, and my heart for saving people was not as strong as that of other practitioners.