(Minghui.org) I'm 26 years old this year and started practicing Dafa on August 1, 2016. This is my cultivation experience.

Obtaining Dafa

I was a college junior in 2013 when I happened to see a show discussing the I Ching. Immediately developed a strong interest in the universe and life. I started searching more about I Ching on the Internet and did further study of divination, traditional Chinese medicine, and Taoism until I graduated.

During that period, I wanted to cultivate but could not find a way. I had taken many detours and also met with many dangers. Fortunately, Master protected me.

My mom practices Dafa and I often interacted with her on cultivation matters. I was very stubborn and compared the principles in I Ching with Dafa principles. I think that this might have been the doing of the old forces to prevent me from obtaining Dafa.

I left Changsha city for Changbai Mountain after graduating from college. Conflicts arose when I entered the workforce and there were times when I wanted to resign, but my family dissuaded me.

On August 1, 2016, the stress and conflicts at work were almost too much and I felt close to collapse. I ran to the edge of a river to cry. I wondered why life was so difficult. I just wanted to free myself.

Then, I remembered the audio recordings of Falun Gong’s Master that my mom left for me—Lectures in Guangzhou—and decided to listen to them. As I listened to the fourth lecture, I had diarrhea. Master had started cleansing my body.

When I finished listening to all of the lectures, I learned the exercises by watching the video recordings.

As I shared a dormitory room with two people, I ran to the forest the next morning to do the exercises alone. When I sat down to meditate, I felt my body was elevating and roaming around in the universe with things that seems like stars surrounding me, just like the scene in the video recordings. It was a wonderful feeling.

I landed slowly and my body tilted backwards for a while before elevating again. I could feel my body becoming larger and then a golden light appeared in front of me. It was dazzling.

Finally, something that looks like a purple cloud appeared. It was very bright and beautiful, just as Master said in Zhuan Falun: “The great heavenly circuit directly involves practicing gong.”

I finally overcame the old forces’ arrangement and started to practice Dafa.

Cultivating Diligently and Solidly

In the next six months until I returned home during the New Year holiday, I would listen to “Lecture in Guangzhou” whenever I had the time. I took about four days to finish all of the recordings and improved tremendously every day. The weather was good at that time, so I would go to the mountain to exercise every day before going to work to cultivate my xinxing.

My body changed very fast during that period. I could feel my back had straightened the first time I finished the exercises. It seemed as though I was treading on air, as I did not feel tired no matter how far I walked. My waist did not have discomfort when I maintained the same position for a long time. I felt my whole body was strong and full of energy from the first time I finished the exercises.

After that, I saw beautiful colors in a purple background followed by rainbow colors appear before my eyes each time I exercised. They moved and rotated around the universe. I could feel that every musical note in the exercise music had Master's image. My confidence in doing the exercises increased when I could also feel many different states in my body. It was a great feeling to do the exercises and, because of Master, I could feel huge changes in my body.

The first living beings in this universe were created by Master, which meant that Master is my parent and has given me the best things.

My mom prepared Master's lectures and recent writings when I returned home at the end of the year, and I used the New Year period to read the new lectures. When reading the Fa, Master's image often appeared in my mind and I could feel that Master was personally giving the lecture to me.

Helping Master to Rectify the Fa

I had to go on a business trip to the city of Changchun for a month in March. As I had just started cultivation, I did not know how to validate the Fa and felt very anxious.

The attachment to anxiety initially interfered with me and I felt that I did not do well. I enlightened that nothing is coincidental and maybe the opportunity was for me to fulfill my vow.

I knew in my heart that there is great evil in Changchun. I walked the streets and sent strong forth righteous thoughts.

For the first half of 2017, I made use of my business trips to travel around and send forth righteous thoughts. Once, I was in Beijing to transfer to another train and used the waiting time to send forth righteous thoughts.

Half an hour later, the station conductor said that the train would be delayed for three hours. As there is great evil in Beijing, Master gave me the chance to send righteous thoughts for a longer time. I seized this rare opportunity.

When sending forth righteous thoughts, I often felt the earth shaking and landslides happening, as though the universe was shaking. My body also shook. I could feel as though energy from my Niwan palace would shoot out from my Celestial eye.

I once dreamed of a white shining light shooting out from my Celestial eye area and hitting a small animal on earth.

Initially when I sent forth righteous thoughts, a black substance of an irregular shape appeared before my eyes, surrounded by a field. I thought that it was evil and immediately send forth righteous thoughts. It eventually disappeared. That's when I confirmed that it was an evil substance.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts the next time, a gold substance of irregular shape appeared with a field surrounding it. I did not know what it was. If it was good, I thought that my righteous thoughts would not harm it. When I send forth righteous thoughts, it disappeared and I knew that it was an evil thing.

Many old forces would interfere before and during sending forth righteous thoughts and created interference in my mind. I broke through the interference by sending forth righteous thoughts, and my mind and body became clear in an instant.

The power of righteous thoughts is immense and magnificent, especially when walking on the streets with strong righteous thoughts. People around me would be in a harmonious and peaceful state.

When I was on a public transport with strong righteous thoughts, I saw everyone on board, especially smiling elders, giving up their seats to women carrying children.

When I do not have strong righteous thoughts and am in a selfish state, I see unhappy people around me and young people who refuse to give up their seats to elderly people.

I enlightened that this is what Master said: “the appearance stems from the mind.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference X)

The people in my field change because of my righteous thoughts and energy. If Dafa disciples are not contaminated by ordinary society, ordinary people will change because of Dafa disciples. I hope all of our righteous thoughts can be stronger so that those around us will change.

Strong righteous thoughts are like a particle of Master's gong. With Master's strengthening, they pass through every level to eliminate the evil. At the same time, they bring energy that enters the bodies of the people around us, changing them radically.

The immense and magnificent energy can't be described using the language of ordinary people. The greatness of Master can only be felt with the heart and cannot be described using ordinary people's language.

Due to my short cultivation period, please kindly point out any shortcomings so that I can elevate. Thank you, Master, for strengthening me on this path!