(Minghui.org) After moving to this area in 2010, I became a coordinator for two areas. It seemed to be Master’s arrangement for me.

Currently, there are no clear descriptions of my role. I am doing coordination, technical support, and project work, among other duties. Essentially, I try to do as much as possible as long as Dafa needs me. I can describe my role as going to different areas to work with practitioners. As a result, traveling is an indispensable part of my cultivation.

I am sharing a few experiences that I encountered during the past few years.

A Snowy Day

I needed once to visit a practitioner in another area to help solve a critical matter. However, a rare and heavy snow hit our area the day before the trip and covered all the roads. After discussing it with my wife, who is also a practitioner, we decided to go together on foot.

It took us more than three hours to walk more than 10 km (6.21 miles) because the roads were full of snow. While walking, we recited Hong Yinand some of Master Li's Fa lectures that we could remember. We felt fulfilled and not tired at all.

When we arrived, the other practitioners were very touched. They did not expect us to come after such a heavy snowfall. We were then able to resolve the important matter. I believe that Dafa disciples should overcome all difficulties to complete whatever was promised. Master Li will assist us when we do the right things.

No Time to Waste

A practitioner in another area was arrested after she had been producing the truth-clarification materials for that area. As a result, the other practitioners ran out of weekly pamphlets and materials to distribute. So I took on the task of coordinating and supplying the truth-clarification materials. I also helped them set up a new site to print materials.

I was hoping they could operate independently and not need me to visit too frequently. However, these practitioners—who are in a rural village—did not understand computer printing and often encountered problems. As a result, I had to go there very often. Moreover, one of the practitioner’s family members did not support the printing project. I often had to wait outside her house until she saw me, and until her family members left, before I could go in.

My time was very limited. I had an ordinary job and took care of my family's land for growing crops. Yet I visited that village day and night to resolve their technical issues. So I had almost no time to sleep. Sometimes I was anxious and complained that the practitioner was not able to gain support from her family.

One time, I went there to resolve a problem, which I needed to complete that day because I couldn’t come again for a few days. I asked for support from Master. It so happened that another practitioner was there as well. The practitioner saw me and let me in right away, and we resolved the problem smoothly without any delay.

Another time, the practitioner’s husband was home. Then he suddenly had to leave before I arrived. I recognized that Master was by my side through all of it.

Other Practitioners' Things Are My Things

When a certain practitioner who worked on many Dafa projects was arrested, it was a great loss for that area. When I visited there, another practitioner told me that the arrested practitioner’s family member felt great emotional pain. Upon empathizing with his loneliness and helplessness, I was in tears.

That night I could not sleep at all. I felt ashamed because I did not consider other practitioners’ things as my own. I knew I should have done more to help, so what should I do now? I thought, “I should cooperate with the local practitioners in that area to rescue the practitioner and to help the family member feel better.”

I went there again the next day. The other practitioners and the family member were very supportive, so the rescue work went smoothly. After I came home that night, I was surprised to find that a leaking pipe in my house was no longer a problem. The leak occurred two days prior, but I was too busy to call for repair. So I temporarily put a pot underneath the pipe to catch the dripping water. I no longer needed the pot.

I witnessed that Dafa is extraordinary and cultivation is miraculous. In fact, our living environment is related to our cultivation. When our cultivation is on the right track, everything in our lives will go in a good direction. As such, Dafa practitioners are closely related. When one aspect does not go well, it will affect everything.

Letting Go of Selfishness

We organized a local event for practitioners nearby to submit experience-sharing papers. When the due date for the paper was approaching, I noticed that practitioners in three areas had not submitted papers, despite several follow-ups.

After I came home from working the nightshift, my wife reminded me to visit these three areas. Without any sleep for the entire night, I was really hesitant to drive on the slippery roads and on such a cold day. I wanted to delay going there for a couple of days. I finally hit the road because she insisted that I should go.

The roads were very slippery, so I had my feet touching the ground for support most of the time while riding my motorcycle. It was so cold that my hands, legs, and face felt frozen and painful. My grievances came up, and I was annoyed at my wife for not considering me. Once that thought emerged, I knew it was wrong. I knew her request was not for herself, but for the entire group. So I should do my best to cooperate, I thought. I almost fell for the old forces' trick to get me to blame others. After that, my thoughts became clear, and I did not feel as cold as before.

After a difficult journey, I arrived and found that the practitioner had gone out to get her hair done and wouldn’t be back until later. My grievances came up again. I thought, “She is so inconsiderate to have me wait for such a long time. I did not sleep the whole night, and I still have two more places to go.”

Immediately I reminded myself, “Something is wrong. Am I thinking only about myself? The new universe's characteristics are selfless. I should not be tricked by selfishness and get stuck in a mindset of being self-centered.” I quickly reset my thoughts.

After that, everything went smoothly. I realized that Master was by my side, and everything was under Master’s orderly arrangement. We thus cultivate ourselves and improve during such a process.

Missions and Responsibilities

Some time ago, I felt tired of riding a motorcycle to visit practitioners in other areas. I was working on another project at that time, and I had felt pain in my arm for a few days. I looked inward, but could not find the cause. I had been doing the three things, so I did not know what went wrong.

I studied the Fa with a group and heard a practitioner talk about responsibility. After I came home, I felt a sense of responsibility to go to an area I had not visited for a long time. When I arrived there, I found that the practitioners there were not doing well. They needed to be more proactive in doing Dafa work. We discussed this and shared our understandings of our mission and responsibilities. The practitioners in that area were soon working together again.

Afterward, I suddenly noticed that my arm no longer hurt. I realized that it hurt because I was not fulfilling my responsibilities.

Working Together

Over these years, I have traveled to the other areas regardless of rain or shine, day or night, and hot or cold. I usually went in a hurry and did not know when I would return. Sometimes I had little sleep for a few days. However, my body was able to handle these conditions unbelievably well due to Dafa's blessing. Looking back, it is difficult to believe that I previously suffered severe femoral head necrosis and almost lost my life. Dafa saved me and my family.

I am also grateful for the help and support from my wife. Sometimes I departed early in the morning and returned home after midnight. For security reasons, I did not bring my cell phone. My wife had no idea where I was and had no way to contact me. She often waited until I came home before going to sleep, but she never complained to me.

My motorcycle ran extraordinarily well and beyond its capacity. A practitioner asked me if I had driven the motorcycle for more than 108,000 kilometers (67,108 miles). In fact, I had driven it for more than158,000 kilometers (98,177 miles).

I am writing this experience sharing article with the hope of practitioners improving together. My understanding is limited. Please kindly point out any shortcoming.