(Minghui.org) Zheng Yi (alias) was a former deputy mayor in a northeastern town in China. He was promoted several times over the past decade. Many people asked him how he had such a steady rise in his political career.

He said: “My philosophy in life is to always be kind to others and not to pursue wealth. I never accept or offer a bribe, and simply follow the course of nature.”

About 40 Falun Dafa practitioners were punished for refusing to renounce their beliefs by the local Party secretary in July 2000. Falun Dafa is a spiritual practice that is persecuted in China.

The practitioners were forced to stand under the scorching sun. They were not allowed to drink or move at all. If they did, policemen would beat them.

Zheng Yi was the newly appointed deputy mayor at the time. When he heard of the situation, he told the cafeteria workers to get water and bread for the practitioners.

He could have easily lost his job for showing empathy towards the practitioners. However, he had relatives who practice Falun Dafa and knows that practitioners are good people and always put the well-being of others first.

Soon afterward, Zheng was promoted to mayor. In the course of his work as mayor, Zheng help to get many practitioners released from detention or imprisonment. When his relatives reminded him to be careful and not get himself into trouble with the authorities, he told them, “I am not afraid.”

During the 18 years of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Dafa, all of the Dafa practitioners who have worked under him have never been persecuted due to his protection.

Good is Rewarded

Falun Dafa practitioners believe that good and evil are met with the same in return and that those who help practitioners will bring benefit to their whole family.

Zheng has shown great kindness to practitioners and has also received three promotions along the way. Many practitioners would suggest that the two are related.

His wife was a teacher in a village, and she was also promoted. She now works in a city school with a good salary.

Zheng’s son got into one of the best universities and went to America to study for his degree. He received many honors and certificates. When he moved back to China, a foreign corporation hired him and offered him a salary of more than one million yuan.