(Minghui.org) I live in a rural area. Because I did not do well in high school, I could not get into a university. When I was 18, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors that I consulted told me that this disease cannot be cured. The only treatment is to stop it from deteriorating. If it gets worse, one's limbs will become deformed and lead to heart disease and finally paralysis.

My family members were already disheartened by my poor academic results. My illness was a further blow to them.

I never believed in the existence of gods, I only believed in myself. But now I had to bow to my fate. What I learned in school could not explain or help me with what I was going through. The science I was taught to believe in could not cure my illness.

For the first time I thought about the divine. I wondered if anyone was in charge, even existed or could help me. I began to visit temples and read books about fortune telling as well as traditional Chinese culture. I did not want to admit that nothing I learned in school could answer the questions I had about life. At the same time I was curious about this whole new idea of gods and the divine.

A year went by and I continued researching anything I could find about the other world. I discovered a lot of earth shaking information. I was convinced that gods truly exist and humans are bound by destiny. I prayed for help.

In October 1995, a day I will never forget, I learned about Falun Dafa.

That afternoon, I went to the book store which I often visited and began searching for books on fortune telling. Suddenly I came across a different book. I saw the ancient swastika symbol. I thought, “Isn't this a Buddhist symbol?” When I noticed the Taiji of the Tao School, I wondered what this book was about. When I picked it up and opened the first page, it was as if an electric current passed through me. As I read the book, I thought it was very well written. I asked the bookstore owner to hold the book for me while I rushed home to get money to pay for it.

I began to read this amazing book, Zhuan Falun and in three days, my rheumatoid arthritis disappeared!

It was a miracle! Whenever I sat down, I felt buoyant as though I were floating. The phenomena that Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, talked about in the book was true, and my body was cleansed.

Because of my personal experiences, I did not have a single doubt about Dafa when the persecution of it began. Isn't it miraculous that I became healthy? The things the Chinese Communist regime said about Dafa are all lies meant to deceive people.

Dafa saved my life and that is the truth. I'm very grateful to Master for what he's done. Thank you Master!