(Minghui.org) I was born in northeastern China and practiced Falun Gong at a young age, but left the cultivation path for some time. I resumed practicing Falun Gong in 2011, when I studied at a college in the south.

I would like to share some of my cultivation experiences, hoping that more former young practitioners will return to the cultivation path.

Master Protects Me

Not long after I resumed cultivation, I wrote letters to my classmates in the northeast to tell them about Falun Gong and how it was being persecuted. When my school's security guards questioned me about those letters, I was very nervous. However, I asked Master for help and then told them the facts about Falun Gong. They did not ask many questions and let me go.

A few days later, three strangers arrived at school and took me to a room to interrogate me. I refused to cooperate and was threatened with arrest, but they left when I refused to be intimidated.

Shortly after, they asked me to meet them at an expensive restaurant outside the campus. They hinted that I might not get my graduation certificate but that they wanted to help me. Nevertheless, I remained steadfast in my faith.

After talking with my mother, I realized that I should no longer go along with them. I refused to meet them again and changed my phone number. They did not return.

I realized that I had faced great danger after I read on the Minghui website that the persecution in that city was severe after 1999. Master protected me.

Once I looked within, I found my weaknesses. I had an attachment of lust, and my righteous thoughts were weak. I decided to correct them.

During the day, I read one lecture in Zhuan Falun. At night, I read Master's other Fa teachings for about two hours and did the exercises. I did everything Master asks of us practitioners.

I told my classmates about Falun Gong whenever I had a chance. Many of them thus renounced their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

Grasping Opportunities to Tell Others About Falun Gong

Prior to my graduation, I attended a professional knowledge training program at another college. This was a great opportunity to talk to my classmates about Falun Gong. But, being so close to my classroom limited the time I could talk to my classmates.

Then, the school moved our accommodations to a place where we had to walk for more than thirty minutes each way. I took every opportunity to tell my classmates about Falun Gong.

One of them was planning to join the Party. After I talked to her, she decided against it and even agreed to quit the communist youth organizations she had joined.

“I really envy those who have beliefs,” she said. “People without a faith are boring, including myself. I'm living aimlessly.”

At the end of our training program, I gave disks containing information about Falun Gong and the persecution to my classmates and teachers.

Overcoming Fear

After my graduation, one practitioner from our Fa-study group was arrested. Her daughter, also a practitioner, retained a lawyer, and I accompanied her wherever she needed to go. I sent forth righteous thoughts when she and her lawyer talked to officials.

The lawyer secured five seats for relatives who wanted to attend the trial, but only three came. Thus, two practitioners could enter the courtroom to send righteous thoughts, while others did so outside the court building.

When I was chosen to enter the courtroom, because I had an identification card, I had an attachment of fear. Afraid of being identified, I tried to find an excuse, such as suggesting that I was not a relative of the defendant. After some thought, I changed my mind and entered the courtroom.

I sat with the daughter and sent forth righteous thoughts while the lawyer delivered the defense statement. I could feel the power of righteous thoughts sent by fellow practitioners outside the court building.

Cooperating as One Body

Diligent study of the Fa helped me realize that practitioners are more powerful when they cooperate as one body. Thus, when it came to projects, I worked on those requiring technical skills I had learned and delegated other tasks to other practitioners. When practitioners could not attend a meeting due to lack of transportation, I would offer them a ride.

My mother did not want to tell people the facts about Falun Gong in public. I bought her envelopes and a printer. She can now produce Falun Gong informational materials at home.

When I studied the Fa well, I realized that we need to cultivate ourselves well in order to do well with the three things we are supposed to do.

Master said, “... I should hasten my steps on the divine path.” (“Who Am I” from Hong Yin Volume III)

I am enthusiastic in telling people the facts, but I am behind in studying the Fa. I have not cultivated well but will start by hand-copying and memorizing the Fa.