(Minghui.org) At this final and critical stage of Fa rectification, every practitioner's shortcomings are on full display and have become harder to hide. All attachments and human notions that have built up have become obvious.

Based on my understanding, the level of our cultivation difficulty is not a result of external pressure or the persecution, but stems from the demon nature we haven't eliminated from ourselves. In other words, our attachments and desires are the main obstacles to our progress. We are actually the ones blocking ourselves. All these obstacles are the result of failing to treat cultivation seriously or with righteous thoughts.

Some fellow practitioners are facing more and more severe challenges. The cultivation levels of some practitioners have lowered because they've been slacking off. It's completely our own choice whether we face our attachments or indulge in them passively. So much time has been given to us, but it won't last forever. If you are good, you will shine brighter and brighter like a piece of gold. If you aren't, you won't be able to reach Consummation. Regret won't help, because you will have wasted all your opportunities, one by one.

Many old sayings have pointed out human weaknesses. “Pain is forgotten where gain follows.” “Bump your head against the wall,” etc. People often forget painful lessons and try their luck, but eventually regret it in the end.

The Tao Te Ching also warns that people tend to give up when approaching success. It stresses that one must be as cautious in the end as at the start, and never slack off, in order to achieve final success.

Our cultivation today isn't as difficult as in the past. We have walked past the worst time, when the evil fiercely persecuted us, when our families were against us, the public discriminated us, and we had to fight financial difficulties. We have passed many life and death tests.

Today, the evil is close to being eliminated. Most people have awakened to the facts about Falun Dafa. Our cultivation is relaxed compared to the past. What else could stop us from advancing further? What a pity it is that some practitioners have slacked off due to their attachment to comfort! It's saddening to see that some have gotten so close to danger.

Since the Fa rectification hasn't concluded, we still have opportunities to correct ourselves. When time runs out and you still haven't corrected yourself, where can you go? When the truth is revealed, it will be too late to awaken.

We have reincarnated lifetime after lifetime, suffered countless pains, and waited for this predestination with the Fa for millions of years. This moment in history is priceless. It determines our futures as well as the futures of countless sentient beings.

Master is suffering for us. Should we use the time Master exchanged with suffering to enjoy worldly pleasures? How could we then be worthy of the name “Fa rectification Dafa disciple?”

I hope my fellow practitioners and I will stay diligent until the end, and do the three things solidly as Master told us, and reach consummation without any regrets.