(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1994, and Master gave me a new lease on life.

After becoming disabled early in my childhood, I frequently visited temples to fix my fortunes. In July 1990, I started to practice a form of qigong, promoted it proactively, and persuaded many of my acquaintances to join in.

As I practiced the qigong, I experienced animal possession, and the possession made me feel extremely cold. In hot weather, I had to wear a military fur coat to keep warm. I could only fall asleep if my husband hugged me to warm me up. If the bed was heated by an electric blanket, it would eventually be cooled down by me.

I came down with many illnesses, such as Meniere's Syndrome, and I had bouts of severe dizziness. No doctor seemed able to help me.

Falun Gong Seminar

The Chengdu Qigong Association offered me 18 tickets in April 1994 to attend Master Li Hongzhi’s qigong seminar, which was held before the Fa-teaching class. They wanted to try different qigongs, too, and we hoped one could heal me.

I was standing in the courtyard of the Chengdu Qigong Association around 9 a.m. on May 28, 1994, when a black car stopped in front of me. The car’s door touched me when it opened and a young man stepped out of the car. He looked very young, tall, handsome, and kind, and he smiled at me.

A practitioner took a few large parcels out of the car and the people who were with me helped him unload the car. I opened one of the parcels. There were copies of a book called Falun Gong in it and a magazine called Literature and Art. I opened the Falun Gong book and saw the author’s photo. He looked very familiar and also very similar to the young man who had gotten out of the car. We bought some of the materials.

During the break, I tried to sign up for the nine-day Fa-teaching class, which was to start the day after the seminar. A few leaders from the Qigong Association tried to discourage me, however.

“The seminar hasn't finished yet. Yet you hurry to sign up before seeing if this qigong is effective or not. Isn’t it ridiculous?”

I replied, “Just because the Master pointed out some bad practices and corruptions, I feel this Master is better than you guys trying to deceive each other. I just want to learn this practice.”

Fa-Teaching Class at the Chengdu Water and Electricity Bureau

Four of us attended the Fa-teaching class at the Chengdu Water and Electricity Bureau. The next day, I walked toward the Fa-teaching class.

At a crossroad, suddenly Master appeared in front of me. He looked me over, then turned around and moved on. I followed Him. After a few steps, He stopped and looked back at me. Then He continued to move on and I followed. Master was leading me to the venue of the Fa-teaching class.

In the courtyard where the class was held, I noticed many people practicing the qigong I used to practice. I thought about joining them. At that moment, Master looked at me. I dismissed the idea and followed Master to the Fa-teaching class.

Master told us that the practice people were doing in the courtyard was a weasel qigong activity. I immediately broke out in a cold sweat from fear. Thank goodness Master stopped me from taking part in that exercise.

Every day, Master walked in front of me until we arrived at the seminar venue.

During one class, I was writing characters on my copy of Falun Gong. As I finished half of the character of “Lun”, I heard Master’s voice, “Someone was doodling on my body.” My pen dropped on the floor and I had a thought: “Master knows everything!”

During the nine days of the class, my husband picked me up every day. Every time he arrived, we were learning the Falun Gong exercises, so he joined us. Master also corrected his movements. Since then, his stomach ulcers went away.

In contrast, the general secretary of the Qigong Association, who tried to persuade me to join another qigong class, never succeeded in getting into Master’s class. The entrance guard would not let him enter the hall. When he told me about this later, I felt very strange. Then I realized that Master was looking after me and not allowing the animal-possessed qigong to ruin me.

Group Photo with Master

When the nine-day class finished, we were having a group photo taken with Master. It was raining and I reminded the photographer that a photo taken when it was raining would be blurry.

“Don't you worry,” said the young man from Neijiang. “I have accompanied Master through three sessions of the classes. Every group photo was taken on a rainy day. But none of them are blurry. If you don't believe it, just stand next to Master and I will take a photo for you.”

When I arrived near Master, He said, “What are you trying to do?” At the same time, he slapped my left shoulder. I realized later that Master was destroying the weasel on my shoulder.

However, I felt ashamed right then and cried with my face behind my hands. After a long time, someone shouted at me to join the group photo. I just ran toward the group. But, they were all aligned and there was no space for me. So I had to walk to the back row. Master gently pulled me to his side, and I was able to take a group photo next to Master.

None of the photos came out blurry. What’s more, only our group photo, among the 13 photos, showed a red gong column. Unfortunately, such an incredible precious photo was confiscated by the 610 Office.

Fundamental Changes

Before Master's class, I could only walk with my husband's assistance. I could only get in the car when two people inside pulled and two people from the outside pushed. But, when I left the class on the first day, I no longer needed any help getting in the car.

An afternoon after the nine-day class, I noticed a three-meter tall flame on my bed, and there was smoke. In the evening, I felt too hot to sleep. The blanket, the electric blanket, and fur coat were all removed, yet I still felt very warm. I no longer needed any of these items.

In the past, I could not take care of myself. Now, I can take over the chores and have returned to good health. Master gave me a new life!

In May 1995, a celebration was held to mark the first anniversary of Master’s Fa teaching in Chengdu. I was the second to speak. I shouted, “Thank you, Falun Dafa! I will tell the world about this wonderful cultivation practice!” As I cried, the audience cried too. So too did the staff from the qigong association and the head of the Falun Gong Assistance Center in Chengdu.