(Minghui.org) Each time I came across notices from the Minghui Editorial Board asking for submissions for the online China Fahui or World Falun Dafa Day, I got worried and tried to avoid them.

My excuses were: “I didn’t do very well and there is nothing for me to write about.” “I don’t write well and I am not able to write it myself.”

But another practitioner, “Aiyin,” would always patiently encourage me and help me. With her help I would struggle to narrate my experiences and she would help me organize them. This morning when I was doing the exercises, I thought about all the help she has given me each time, and I was moved to tears.

Aiyin was always busy traveling from one practitioner’s home to another when these opportunities came up to encourage us to write our sharing articles. We all always offered the same excuses—“I haven’t done well” and “I have nothing to write about”—to try to turn her down. But she always smiled and said, “I think you have done really well. Please write down your experiences and share them.”

She did that again and again and never gave up. She encouraged elderly practitioners to speak to her and then helped them sort out their ideas and turn them into articles. Sometimes she had to stay up late into the night. Sometimes it took her all night long to sort out our articles. She never complained.

Every time she finished compiling an article, she would tell us, “What fellow practitioners have done is excellent, really good. The final articles are really brilliant to read.” She never mentioned how hard she worked behind the scenes.

The sharing articles for this year’s World Falun Dafa Day were all done with her help. I felt very ashamed, because Aiyin is older than me and she also has a job. Not only that, she has to look after elderly parents on both sides of her family and organize Fa study groups at home. Nevertheless, she manages to do the three things well. But I don’t have those additional demands on my time.

Aiyin always tried to encourage me and help me when I felt that I had slacked off. She’s tried her best to assist every single practitioner she knows, but we hardly consider her at all. She keeps her home clean and tidy at all times so that we have a comfortable and quiet environment for Fa study. With her continuing encouragement and help, we are able to finish the sharing articles for the online Fa conference each time. The size of our Fa study group is steadily growing. New practitioners keep joining, and former fellow practitioners keep returning to cultivation.

Dear fellow practitioners, let’s all make earnest progress! Master is waiting for us. Writing sharing articles is like taking an exam. We cannot skip the exam simply because we have not prepared well. Whether we do well or not, we must take the exam, even if we fail it. This is the requirement for each student. No one should miss the exam, unless he or she is not a student.

Master has commented on articles that disciples have written:

“Gone are the flowery expressions meant for affective show: the papers are full of substance, and they are accurate, clean, and free of human sentiments. They are not something an ordinary person could write, for the inner world of a cultivator is pure and clean.” (“Mature” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

I came to understand that Master wants us to write practical, clean, and pure articles. Without focusing on using beautiful words, we need to write down our feelings about the sacredness of Dafa and Master’s compassion as we have cultivated. We can also write about getting rid of attachments as well as upgrading our xinxing. Writing down what we have felt and done is something every practitioner can do.

Fellow practitioners, please pick up your pens and participate in supplying articles for World Falun Dafa Day. Share your cultivation stories and validate Dafa. Please encourage each other and awaken ordinary people’s compassionate hearts. Recall what you remember and return to the path of Fa-rectification.

We all need to walk our own cultivation paths by ourselves. Here I want to extend my deepest regards to practitioners like Aiyin: “Thank you so much for your hard work! And thank you for accompanying me every step of the way. Please release me from your firm grip. I am becoming more mature now. I will help and encourage others just like you have done for me. Let’s work together and fulfill our vows!”