(Minghui.org) I've noticed that some practitioners are attached to Fa-rectification ending. Some noticed that Master dated one of his portraits “Spring, the 18th Year of Fa-rectification,” and thought that it would be over this spring. Some have put their hopes on the Communist Party's anti-corruption campaign as well as the new American president, hoping that these things will usher in the end of Fa-rectification.

Some practitioners didn't even want to take action to rescue fellow practitioners who were kidnapped and jailed, because of this attachment. Their mentality was, “Oh, we can just let the practitioner stay in the detention center. The Fa-rectification will end in Spring 2017 anyway.” It was shocking to hear these words. Doesn't this give the old evil forces an excuse to persecute us?

I believe that all of these attachments originate from a lack of quality Fa-study. Master addressed this issue directly:

Disciple asks: Did Fa-rectification begin a very long time ago?

Teacher: It started two years before I began teaching the Fa. But some students have seen that it began in the distant past, tens of thousands of years ago, tens of millions of years ago, or even beyond that. Can that be the case? Yes. That's because the time here is different than the time there. Here, if I started something a second ago, over there it has already been a very long time, perhaps ten thousand years. So far we have seen sixteen years pass. In some dimensions millions of years have passed. That's the idea. There is this difference in time. (“Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005”)

Some practitioners have attachments to prophecies. Actually, Master has also addressed this issue.

“I've said that many prophecies aren't accurate in their depiction of the final times; they were plenty accurate about the course of things along the way, but they're off the mark toward the end.” (“Teaching the Fa on Easter, 2004, at the New York Fa Conference”)

“Dafa disciples can't do things according to some prophecy, though. You should do things according to the Great Law! You should do things according to what Dafa disciples should do!” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference”)

Master has extended the length of Fa-rectification out of benevolence, so that we have more time to save more people. So, the time when Fa-rectification will end is decided by Master, based on the requirements of the Fa-rectification.

Years ago, some practitioners rumored that Fa-rectification would end in the fall of a certain year, or in the spring, or after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Fellow practitioners: we have learned many lessons in this regard. Even if it really ended at that time, can you really reach consummation with such an attachment? Isn't that a big loophole?

Some practitioners do not cultivate their speech. They tell everyday people that Fa-rectification will end at such and such time. Then, when that time arrives, everyday people question them, saying, “Didn't you tell me it would end now?” This mentality has brought damage to our truth-clarification work, and hindered our saving people. How can you make up for it?

If it wasn't for Master, who creates more chances and extends time so that we can make up for our mistakes and catch up in cultivation, the Fa-rectification would have ended a long time ago. How can we not cherish this extremely precious chance to cultivate ourselves and save more sentient beings? Any attachment to the end of Fa-rectification will make us less and less diligent in cultivation.

Look at the number of Chinese who have quit the Communist Party; it is only 300 million. How many people has each practitioner convinced to quit the Party on average over the last ten years? Many practitioners haven't convinced anyone to quit for a long time.

If we all studied the Fa better and put more time and energy into saving people, the number wouldn't be this small. I hope that fellow practitioners will shed their human notions, and not give the old forces excuses to persecute us. I hope that we can save at least half of the Chinese people, which will make Master happy for us.