(Minghui.org) Many practitioners have shared their understandings on how to let go of the attachment to time. Here I would like to share my understanding with everybody.

Many prophecies indicate that the year 2017 is very important, and that China’s communist party may fall this year. My understanding is that if we really understand Dafa, we will not be attached to time, or to the likelihood of such an occurrence.

From the Fa, I enlightened to the fact that Dafa is eternal and time is eternal. As particles of Dafa, we—Dafa disciples—are also eternal in Dafa. The year 2017 is just a moment in history. Compared to our lives that exist forever with Dafa, the year of 2017 is the blink of an eye. Moreover, the end of Fa-rectification is the beginning of a new phase in Dafa disciples' eternal lives; it is not the real end.

Master has told us clearly that we formed predestined relationships with Master long, long ago. We have experienced the history of human civilization with Master, and founded the culture of cultivation. In this lifetime, we became Dafa disciples and help Master rectify the Fa. It is the greatest honor for every Dafa disciple.

This life of ours is also the blink of an eye in the history that we have experienced with Dafa. So, the year of 2017 is merely a point of time in our cultivation. If we understand this from the Fa, we will put down the attachments to time and cherish the process of Fa-rectification that we are carrying out with Master. Only then can we do the three things well. As I understand it, this is what Master wants.

The above is my own understanding. Please correct me if there is anything incorrect.