(Minghui.org) In an article posted recently on Minghui.org titled, “Beijing Police Sergeant: 'We're Punished Every Time We Persecute Falun Gong',” the practitioner was telling a police officer from Beijing about the persecution. The officer said, “Falun Gong is still persecuted in Beijing. But we get punished every time we persecute practitioners. We are scared and don't want to do these things anymore. We don't understand exactly why Falun Gong is being persecuted, let alone how to stop participating in it.”

He continued, “Recently one of my superiors was very sick and hospitalized. He knew why it happened. He quit his job as soon he was out of the hospital. I admire him and I want to quit, too. But what other job can I do? I am troubled. I came home to visit my family. I wanted to take some time to carefully think about this.”

After I read this article, I had a deeper understanding of why we send righteous thoughts.

Master said,

“The basis of what Dafa disciples do is saving people and doing good. These righteous thoughts are to stop wicked people from doing evil, to warn other bad people, and to prevent the world’s people from committing sins, and their purpose is still to save all beings.” (from “Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts” in The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

I always thought that sending righteous thoughts was to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions. I enlightened this time that “immediate retribution in this lifetime” is not only to punish the perpetrators, but to stop them from committing wrongdoing. It's giving those who have been misled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and who continue to participate in the persecution an opportunity to stop committing wrongdoing. This also manifests Master's great compassion in saving sentient beings. Thus, sending righteous thoughts is one of the three important things that Dafa practitioners should do.

Master said,

“The Dafa disciples of the world together encompass the whole earth, with each person having a certain reach. All of what you encounter and meet with owes to factors that are present within your expanse. If you can have sufficient righteous thoughts, you can then be towering and massive within your expanse and suppress any bad things that might exist there. Were every Dafa disciple able to achieve this, the entire world would change, since each of you assumes responsibility for a large expanse in this world and represents a certain segment of sentient beings. I often tell you to cultivate inward and to search within yourselves when problems arise. When you clear yourselves at the time of sending righteous thoughts, that is meant to purify and rectify your thinking as well as clean up what is your own share, the domain that you are responsible for. If every Dafa disciple could manage to treat sending righteous thoughts correctly, and routinely have strong righteous thoughts, then all evil spirits throughout the entire world could be quickly dissolved. If all Dafa disciples could grasp this, and all sincerely achieve a state of having their righteous thoughts be at their most powerful point, then one day would be enough to resolve things. With every person dissolving the bad factors within the scope of his reach that he is responsible for, wouldn’t the entire world change?” (from Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference X)

I enlightened that each of us encompasses a certain range, which contains all the people who have a predestined relationship with us, including those who help us or those whom we help, our classmates, colleagues, and even those taking the same bus, etc. Though we cannot explain the facts of the CCP's persecution to each person, we can send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors in their fields. It's just like the police officer described in the Minghui article. He understood that he had been punished for his wrongdoing and quit his job because he wished to stop participating in the persecution of Falun Gong.