(Minghui.org) Recently the Chinese Communist Party-controlled (CCP) Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate issued legal interpretations with stricter terms. Though they didn't claim that it was aimed at Falun Gong, the interpretation clearly targeted practitioners who were exposing the persecution.

I thought it over: Why did this happen during the final leg of the Fa rectification?

Some reasons could be:

1. It is the CCP's nature to undermine Dafa. There is no hope for the CCP; it cannot change its nature.

2. Many practitioners began slacking off after the CCP's persecution pressure eased off. In particular, some practitioners didn't follow the Dafa Association's requirements on sending forth the righteous thoughts, as stated in “Strengthen Sending Righteous Thoughts.”

In order to keep up our righteous thoughts, we must persist in studying the Fa and truly follow Master's direction. Only then can we fulfill our historical mission.

Let's do well together during this final leg of Fa rectification!