(Minghui.org) I am a 13-year-old girl who started practicing Falun Dafa in 2015. I used to be quite frail, and often had colds and fever. I frequently went to the hospital, and was nicknamed “the sickly.” However, all my illnesses disappeared soon after I started practicing Falun Dafa. I also got rid of many of my bad habits, such as crying, stubbornness, and eating junk food.

I would class myself as being an average student, but after I began reading Zhuan Falun, my performance in school much improved. My mind seemed to be more clear, and I realized the importance of studying the Fa.

This summer, I gave up on the thought of taking a vacation with my dad, who worked out-of-town. Instead, I stayed at home to study the Fa. I read Zhuan Falun four times, and watched Teacher Li's (the founder of Falun Dafa) lectures on video and listened to them on CD. I also read some of the Fa teachings in other areas, as well as practitioners' sharing articles on the Minghui website.

My dad was usually away all year round, so only my mom and I were at home. One day in June 2016, my mom and my grandma got arrested while distributing informational materials about Falun Dafa. My grandma was scared of the police and they forced her to come so they could search our house.

I knew where my mom put her Dafa books, but I didn't say anything to the police as I knew that my mom was doing the most righteous thing. Whatever the police asked, I said that I didn't know. They searched everywhere but found nothing. Then they left.

Magical Experiences

Although I've practiced Falun Dafa for only a short time, I have experienced many magical moments. I feel that Teacher is by my side at all times, caring for me and watching me mature. The following are a few stories that I'd like to share.

Learning to Treat Others Kindly

Human morality is deteriorating rapidly, and in schools, it is quite common for parents to bribe the teachers in Chinese schools, hoping that their children will get special treatment. Otherwise, they will be ignored, receive bad comments, get scolded or spanked by the teachers.

My mom is a Dafa practitioner and will not bribe or give gifts to teachers. And I never get scolded or spanked by them.

When I was in the 6th grade my teacher moved me to the back row, sitting next to a boy that nobody liked to be with. He was filthy and had strong body odor. Many classmates bullied him. I was quite sympathetic, as his parents worked out-of-town and he lived with his grandma.

However, his body odor got worse about a month later, and I really wanted to vomit. I had no choice but to use some tissues to stuff my nostrils. I wanted the teacher to change my seat, but I didn't speak up.

I thought that a Dafa practitioner must be kind. If I didn't sit next to him, who would? Perhaps this was arranged by Teacher who wanted me to strengthen my compassion and make contact with predestined people. Maybe I could help to awaken him.

I changed my attitude towards him, and even explained things in the lessons that he didn't understand. I kindly suggested that he bathe and change his clothes when he could. I never mentioned any of this to my mom.

When we were about to graduate, my mom brought something to school for me. She then found out that I sat next to such a boy. She was heartbroken and wanted to ask the teacher if I could sit somewhere else, but I stopped her. Thanks to my understanding of the Fa principles I was able to look at this situation in a positive way. I sat with this boy for the rest of the school year.

Getting Through Sickness Karma

Last winter, I had a high fever. My face was red and burning, and I felt dizzy. I couldn't go to school for three days. My mom said, “This is not an illness. Maybe it was created by you slacking off from Fa study.”

My mom asked me if I wanted to listen to Falun Dafa teachings or go to see the doctor. With no hesitation, I replied, “Study the Falun Dafa teachings.” So my mom and I listened to the Dafa teachings from Jinan. I was lying down at first, but the minute I heard Teacher's voice I sat up in the full lotus position, with both legs crossed. It wasn't easy as my head was still spinning, but I persisted and listened attentively.

I saw a big Buddha sitting across from me smiling. I said to my mom softly, “Teacher is here, sitting across from me giving me a big smile.” I then saw Buddhas everywhere; on the table, the sofa, and the floor, wearing yellow and blue clothes. They also sat in the full lotus position, and listened respectfully to Teacher's lecture.

I tried to show my mom that there were Buddhas and Bodhisattvas everywhere! But my mom said, “Don't point your fingers. It's very disrespectful! Please hold your hands in front of your chest to thank Teacher, and welcome all the Gods and Buddhas!”

I sat and listened to the Fa for over two hours. The fever slowly disappeared, and my whole body felt so light. After dinner, I listened to two more lectures. The next morning I felt fresh and comfortable.

From that day on, whether it was the freezing cold winter or the scorching hot summer, I no longer had a cold. My school performance was also getting better and better. In the last term, I had all A’s and got two awards.

One weekend, my mom and I went to my grandma's house. My grandma gave me some delicious cakes. When I was about to take a bite, I saw Teacher's picture in front of me. I thought: Isn't it disrespectful to eat in front of Teacher? So I turned around and went outside to eat the cakes. At the time, I had an ulcer in my mouth, but I didn't feel any pain when I chewed. I went to feel the ulcer with my hand, but it was no longer there. Teacher even took care of a small thing like that. I was truly grateful!

Getting Selected for a Very Good High School

After finishing elementary school my parents wanted me to attend a private junior high school, but this particular school only accepted the best of the best in the county. Most of the time, the admission of students was a matter of personal rapport the parents had with key people in the school.

I didn't dare register for the school because I didn't think I would make it, but my mom went to get the pre-admission notice from my aunt, whose sister was one of the teachers in the school. Surprisingly, everything went smoothly. Mom eagerly told me to prepare for the entrance exam. I didn't think I would make it so I wasn't too enthusiastic.

“What are you afraid of?” my mom asked. “You are a Dafa practitioner, and are being looked after by Teacher. There isn't anything you can't do. Besides I think you are meant to go to this school.” Then she went on to explain that originally the pre-admission notice was put aside for several days for another child. But since the child didn't pick it up, when my aunt went to her sister's it was already there. Just like my aunt said, “It was as if the notice was meant for Xiaoyu.”

At the time, I studied the Dafa teachings during the day and listened to Teacher's lectures at night. The day before the exam, my mom told me to review the lessons and get ready for the exam, but I insisted on finishing listening to Teacher's lectures first. By around 9:00 p.m., I suddenly saw a Buddha sitting across from me smiling. When I wanted to look at him closely he disappeared. I felt that Teacher was encouraging me!

By the time I finished the lecture it was already 9:30 p.m. I then started to review my lessons for the exam. In a short while, I began getting sleepy. Then I heard a voice calling me. I realized that Teacher was clearing away the sleep demon that was interfering with me. I would not be worthy of being a Dafa practitioner if I didn't study well. Thus I stayed up late to review my lessons.

I woke up very early the next morning, and my mom took me to school. She told me not to worry and not to forget to say “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I repeatedly said these words while lining up to go into the exam hall.

I was a little worried at the beginning, but I adjusted my state of mind and asked Teacher for help. In just a short while, I calmed down and completed the exam.

In the afternoon, I was notified that the school had accepted me! My mom and I knew that it was Teacher who helped all along. I truly appreciated his caring.

As I got older I always noticed that my mom was tough at home, and that even my dad had to listen to her. But ever since my mom was arrested last year, and detained for ten days for her faith, all our relatives and friends started having negative thoughts about Dafa.

My dad even yelled at my mom over the phone and threatened her that if my school work lags behind my dad would hold her responsible.

In the early years, my dad didn't want to come home during the Chinese New Year. I tried to beg and persuade him over the phone. He finally came home on New Year's Eve, but was always unkind to my mom and neglected her.

This time, when dad heard that I passed the exam and got accepted by a good school, he rushed home to congratulate me.

I took the opportunity to tell him some of the miracles brought by Falun Dafa, and how I have benefited from the practice. Dad had a lovingly smile, and our relatives and friends also treated my mom with admiration.