(Minghui.org) When Anning Town Police Station officers started asking about Ms. Luo Mingchun in Xichang City, several practitioners, including Ms. Luo, her father Luo Congwen, Zhou Xingzao, and Wu Wenxiu, went to the police station to inquire about and resolve the situation.

When Ms. Luo and her father got to the police station on September 14, 2017, they were told that five practitioners who had arrived earlier that day had been arrested. The officers there were unwilling to listen to anyone, and they arrested Ms. Luo and her father. The officers claimed that they had been looking for Ms. Luo for a long time.

Ms. Luo is being held in the Xiaomiao Detention Center under criminal detention. Her father, Wu Wenxiu, and Zhou Xingzao are in the Tuohuang Detention House. Ms. Luo will most likely be prosecuted.

Home Ransacked, Personal Property Confiscated

Ms. Luo owned an apartment in a residential community of the Daxiu Factory. Three people, including the head of the Security Section of Daxiu Factory and two from the residential community office, came to her apartment on April 22, 2016. They saw some CDs and asked if she had made them herself. Ms. Luo said that it was not against the law to make CDs. They stayed for a short time and left.

Four days later, two female officers from the Xijiao Police Station and three officers from the Xichang State Security Bureau, including Shidu Gaga, Chen Quansheng, and Luo, came to Ms. Luo's apartment. One of the female officers and officer Luo took Ms. Luo Mingchun downstairs, while Shidu Gaga and others ransacked her home. They confiscated all her Falun Gong books, informational CDs about Falun Gong, a laptop, and around 3,000 yuan.

Ms. Luo was taken to the Xichang State Security Bureau, where she talked about her faith and was released around 4 p.m.

She and her mother went to the Xichang 610 Office and the Xichang State Security Bureau on the afternoon of May 11, 2016, to ask for the return of what had been confiscated. She met with a female police officer. The officer said that her personal belongings should be returned to her. Ms. Luo asked her to request that the State Security Bureau return her personal belongings.

Ms. Luo went to the Xichang State Security Bureau the next morning and requested that her belongings be returned. She was told to talk to officer Shidu Gaga, who had confiscated the items.

Ms. Luo and her mother went to the City Police Department four days later. They talked to a female officer, who helped them make contact with officer Shidu. He denied he had confiscated any money. The female officer suggested that they file a complaint with the inspection team.

They filled out a complaint form and submitted it to the police department on May 19, 2016. They were told that her belongings could be returned if she could provide a list of the items, which officers should have given her when her items were seized.

Because she had not signed the list, since she would be admitting her guilt if she did, she was told that there was no proof that the money or any other items were taken from her home.