(Minghui.org) A senior Falun Gong practitioner told our local Fa-study group that she had never missed the morning exercise session since the announcement “Minghui Radio via Satellite: Morning Exercises Moved to an Earlier Start Time (Updated)” was published.

Many of my fellow practitioners were ashamed to hear that, especially since some had not done the Falun Gong exercises for a long time. They also shared that they could not get rid of the interference of drowsiness. Then, there were those who did the exercises sparingly, but did focus on improving xinxing and being involved in Falun Gong truth-clarification projects.

When I first joined the morning exercises, it was a difficult process, as it took a long time to get rid of my attachment to comfort. I was longing for the exercise, but when it was time to get up, I hesitated. I realized the thought of not getting up was not my own, so I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. After several days I would automatically wake up when it was time to do the morning exercises.

When I thought of having searched for Falun Gong lifetime after lifetime, the thought of sleeping a bit longer paled in comparison and became meaningless.

When I neglected to do the exercises for a long time, I experienced interference and my main consciousness became weak. All sorts of notions and thought karma began to bother me, and I could not suppress or eliminate them.

I felt ashamed, because I did not cherish the precious time that Master had extended for our cultivation, but instead I handed the time to the old forces. Even though I was still doing the three things, my body was riddled with sickness karma elimination. My state affects those that I am responsible for, and I chastised myself.

Some practitioners did not exercise based on the instruction, so their legs were stiff, not curved and relaxed. Their arms did not form a straight line and some did not sit straight when they meditated. Some even fell asleep.

I believe that if one wants to do well, everything can be rectified. I do not intend to point at anyone's shortcoming. Nevertheless, when we do the exercises correctly at the same time, it creates a sacred and spectacular exercise field when viewed from another dimension!