(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Sun Guojun, 70, was reported to the police and arrested on December 26, 2016, for distributing calendars with information about Falun Gong in Tianqiao Village, Xiajiabu Town, Qingyuan County, Liaoning Province. He was taken to the Dashagou Detention Center. His arrest was approved and his case has been submitted to the procuratorate.

Mr. Sun’s daughter went to the Domestic Security Division of Qingyuan Police Department to inquire about her father several times.

Seven or eight plainclothes officers showed up at Sun Yali’s, Mr. Sun’s daughter's home, on January 13, 2017. It was reported that they were going to arrest her, but she was not at home.

2004: Arrested and Sent to Forced Labor

Mr. Sun was arrested before on November 10, 2004. Jing Xizhong from the Xiajiabu Judicial Center and Sun Xuemin and Yang Jianyu, both from the Xiajiabu Police Station, broke into Mr. Sun’s home and ransacked it. They confiscated Falun Gong books, informational materials about Falun Gong, and a DVD player.

They took him to the Dashagou Detention Center. Eight days later they transferred him to the Wujiabu Forced Labor Camp in Fushun City and incarcerated him for two years in the No. 9 division.

The camp guards tortured practitioners and demanded that they give up Falun Gong. They were not allowed to talk or use the restroom and had to sit on a small stool for entire days at a time. He was tortured physically and mentally for 17 months and 20 days. Upon his release on April 19, 2006, he looked haggard, had become a hunchback, and his teeth were loose.

After he resumed practicing Falun Gong, he totally recovered.

2001: Arrested and Detained

Xiajiabu Police Station officers broke into Mr. Sun’s home on the evening of September 18, 2001, and arrested him. He was held in the Dashagou Detention Center for 32 days before being released.

Participants in the Persecution of Mr. Sun:

Qingyuan Procuratorate:Xu Gang (徐刚), procurator: +86-24-53030201Chou Chunzhong (丑纯众), Arrest Approval Section: +86-24-53030141Dong Guangda (董光大), Prosecution Section: +86-24-53030215

Qingyuan Police Department:Sun Tianyu (孙天宇), director: +86-24-53030051Xiajiabu Police Station:Lu Jian (吕健), chief: +86-13842371919