(Minghui.org) After reading a sharing article on the Minghui website, I discovered why my hand gestures were incorrect when I sent forth righteous thoughts.

First of all, I didn’t follow the basic requirements for sending righteous thoughts. Secondly, I wanted to be comfortable, so I leaned against the back of the sofa or a chair.

These were the two main reasons why I have been interfered with and persecuted by the bad elements. For the past fifteen years, I would fall asleep or could not keep my palms erect when I sent forth righteous thoughts.

Although I tried to negate the old forces interference, look inward to find my shortcomings, or use other methods, nothing worked.

My posture was poor and I had an attachment to comfort, so the old forces used this to interfere with me, making my hands slant.

When I realized this, the next time I sent forth righteous thoughts I sat on the floor and kept my upper body upright. I immediately noticed the difference: my palm was erect, my thoughts were calm, and I did not fall asleep. My back felt tired and sore at first, but it was fine two days later.

I gained a new understanding about “doing the three things well” after this experience. For years, I did “the three things” just so I wouldn't fall behind.

I realize now that there's a huge difference between “doing the three things” and “doing the three things well.”

If we merely “do the three things,” but do not continue to look inward to rectify our thoughts according to the Fa principles and raise our cultivation level, then it becomes a formality.

Some practitioners appear to be “doing the three things,” but are not doing them according to the standard. On the surface they appear to be steadfast and believe that they are cultivating well. However, they do not understand why some practitioners are persecuted or die even though they “did the three things,” and seemed to be cultivating well.

If we do not look inward and rectify ourselves when we encounter problems, hardships, and tribulations, then we are not truly “doing the three things well,” for we are not raising our cultivation level.

Moreover, the bad elements can use that loophole to interfere with and to persecute us, because we are not following the Fa principles to cultivate ourselves, and we are wasting precious time.