(Minghui.org) Two stories about improving after honestly looking inward.

Environment Changes Immediately after Dislodging Attachment

I was pretty good at my work, even when the work assigned was totally new to me. Yet gradually, I started to develop attachments to showing off, thinking that I was better than other co-workers.

Some co-workers started to criticize me. I also started to behave like an everyday person by leaving them alone or ignoring them. After a while, all my co-workers stopped talking to me.

I overheard some of them talking about me, which irritated me. During that period, I could not fully concentrate on studying the Fa, and I was distracted by random thoughts constantly.

Master has told us practitioners to look inward, so I calmly searched inside myself. I found a lot of attachments including showing off, vying for supremacy, and trying to outdo others.

I thought that since Master arranged for me to cultivate in this work environment, how could I still hold on to these dirty attachments instead of letting them go? I am a Falun Gong practitioner, I thought, and I really should not compete with people. Moreover, if I do my job well, it's because Master gave me the wisdom. Everything of mine is from Falun Gong.

I said to Master, “I am wrong!”

My work environment suddenly improved. My co-workers started talking to me politely again. They were willing to have discussions with me, and they sometimes even praised me.

However, I told myself, “I will never let the old forces find any loopholes again.”

I thus let go the attachments to showing off and zealotry. I cherished the work environment since I could practice cultivation in it. To cultivate ourselves better is really a fundamental aspect of validating Dafa.

Illness Stops Immediately after Attachment Found

Two weeks ago when I was sending forth righteous thoughts at noon, I suddenly felt sick. After a while, I started to throw up and had diarrhea. I felt pretty weak and fell asleep. I then woke up with the urge to vomit and had diarrhea again. The symptoms did not ease until 5 p.m.

“I am a Falun Dafa practitioner,” I kept thinking. “I must not let the evil take advantage of my omissions. Only Master can arrange my cultivation path. I disagree with any arrangement by the old forces.”

I understood that the symptoms did not occur without a reason, so I started to search inward.

I found that I was not very serious about getting rid of the attachment to lust. Therefore, I swore immediately: “From now on, I will be serious about passing the test of lust.”

After sending forth righteous thoughts at 6 p.m., the uncomfortable symptoms went away.

I enlightened that Master had helped me again to cleanse my body. I made up my mind that from then on, I would be serious about getting rid of my attachments, without being sloppy about it. I must walk well my cultivation path and follow Master home.