(Minghui.org) I am now 76 years old, and started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. I would like to share some of my cultivation experiences.

My Older Daughter

When my heart was not moved by sentimentality, my daughters did right thing even though they are not cultivators.

In 2001, my older daughter, who is a physician, told me that the hospital board wanted to promote her to be president of the hospital, but under one condition—she had to get me to stop practicing Falun Gong.

“God is testing you,” I said. “If you are meant to get a promotion, you will get it whether or not your mother cultivates Falun Gong. You should let go of the idea of asking me to stop.”

My daughter was not pleased to hear that.

Angrily she replied, “So I just let it go because you tell me to?”

“If you cannot let it go, what should we do, disown each other? How can you ask me to give up Falun Gong because you want a promotion? Absolutely not!”

She left, crying.

However, when she went back to the hospital, she said she did not want the promotion if that was a condition, nor would she join the Party. She told them she would not disown her own mother just for a promotion. She kept her job as a doctor.

She told them, “It is not wrong for my mother to practice Falun Gong. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not fair. My mother and other practitioners never behave like they are portrayed on TV, killing people and burning themselves. They would never do such things.”

I was so proud of my daughter, she was so honorable. She knew what Falun Gong was and that was why she was so righteous. I know Master saw that my daughter was able to distinguish right from wrong and handled the situation well despite the CCP's pressure. Master protected my daughter and helped her overcome this tribulation.

My Younger Daughter

My younger daughter is a gynecologist in a hospital. One day her boss wanted to promote her, but first she had to join the CCP.

She said, “If I have to join the Party to get a promotion, I’d rather not.”

She refused the promotion. Later, however she was promoted to be the head of her department anyway, even though she never joined the Party.

I enlightened that Gods are in control, not us. I am so happy that both my daughters have acted so honorably.

Evil Disintegrates by Itself When Our Hearts Are Not Moved

In 2001, a manager in my company brought a co-worker, the mayor of our village, and a local guard with him to visit me. They had a document called the three statements. They warned me that I would be taken to a brainwashing center if I refused to sign it.

I sent out the thought: “My heart is not moved and that will restrain all evil around me.”

I explained how evil the persecution is.

I said, “My master gave me the Fa. He is looking after me. We who cultivate in Dafa cannot just pay lip service to it. In whatever we do, we must be good people. For example, if I come across counterfeit money, I do not spend it. I destroy it.”

They were moved and enjoyed listening to me. They then told me that Falun Gong practitioners were distributing flyers everywhere.

“We have to do that to tell people about Falun Gong, because there is no other way,” I said. “The government will not let us speak freely. We print those flyers ourselves, with our own money. Why? To save people. So we must continue to distribute them.”

At the end of our conversation, the mayor said, “Even we officials do not contribute as much to society as you. From now on, you can do whatever you want, and we won’t stop you!”

They left without even mentioning the “three statements” document they had wanted me to sign.